Monday, September 1, 2008

Pattern Stash Contest - Day One

First day of the Pattern Stash Contest at Pattern Review found me busy tracing patterns. I traced three patterns - one for me and two for my son. I traced V2967 top pattern for myself, an Ottobre jacket pattern for my son, and a Kwik Sew pant pattern for my son. The Kwik Sew pattern doesn't count toward the contest. I'm starting pjs and needed a easy pattern. The Ottobre jacket pattern is actually too small for my son. I will be grading up 3/4 sizes. I will need to double-check all of the measurements so that I don't end up with a jacket that is too wide. My son is very slim. Hopefully, tomorrow I will have some time to sew up the pj pants. Those were the ones that I was convinced that I could finish yesterday. Maybe tomorrow.

Today, I chose to freeze beans and tomatillos, and can some tomatoes. The gardens here in PA seem to be late this year. Usually, the tomatoes start about the first of August but this year it was the last of August. I guess it was the same with the beans. I doubt that I will get very many peppers from my garden.

If you like salsa, here's a quick and easy recipe using the tomatillos:

8 oz tomatillos + 1/2/3 hot peppers

Roast in oven about 5 minutes per side. Cool. Blend with ~ 1/4 cup of water depending on how thick you want it. Add 1/4 cup finely chopped onion. Add salt and pepper to taste. Add chopped cilantro.

This is very, very good. Quick tip on the peppers. It doesn't matter what kind of hot peppers you use. I've used habernos, jalapenos, and sarranos.

Happy Sewing!

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