Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New Vogues for Fall

Oh, I love seeing the new patterns when they come out. Here are my picks of the new ones:

This look by Issey Miyake is my favorite. I really like the look of the tunic and think that it would be a good look for me to wear. Not sure about about the pants. This look is very 80s. Can you wear the same style twice in your lifetime?

On this easy little dress, it was the collar that drew my attention. This may be added to my collection of patterns. I don't need to wear dresses very often and it's really hard for me find them that fits. With the princess seaming, this has a little more fitting opportunities.

This DKNY dress is created for fabrics with stretch (not just knits). This reminds me very much of a 1940s dress that I use to own (and wear). The pleating coming off from the side is very flattering. Again, with the princess seaming in the top there is opportunity for fitting.

There are several interesting patterns in the fall collection at Vogue. I did note the 80s influence with long tunics and very narrow pants, along with long skirts and long jackets.

Happy Sewing!