Friday, November 21, 2014

New Butterick patterns....

I do like seeing the new patterns when they come out.  I'm not sure when the winter Butterick's came out but I finally noticed them.  Here are my picks:

This is B6127.  I find this dress very interesting in that with the right fabrics it can look like a dress and jacket.  I have a wedding come up soon and this would have been perfect.  There isn't time to consider it now but it I had seen it a month ago, I would have given it a try.

This is B6128.  I like the high wrap on this dress.  I like that there are options.  What do you think of the long, straight wrap dress?  Would this be a wearable option?  I don't really need another wrap dress pattern but I do like this one.

This is B6132. I really like the look of this top in the picture which is View A.  It just has a casual feel about it.  View B looks like it could be fun with combining fabrics.

What do you think of the newly noticed Butterick winter collection?

Happy Sewing!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Boot Cuffs Finished...

I needed a quick and easy project for the monthly knitting group that I attend and had picked boot cuffs.  To me, they sound like a very wearable item.  When I showed up at the knitting group, none of the ladies had hear of boot cuffs.  They were very interested in the what I was making.

About the pattern, I picked a freebie pattern from the internet that had a interesting looking cable with ribbing.  I didn't follow the instructions for the ribbing as I decided that I wanted a simple k2 p2 ribbing but I did follow the instructions for the cable.  Here's the finished project:

I'm happy with the ending result and know that they will be used during the cold winter.  I may make another pair with a different type of cabling and in black instead of the charcoal grey.

I do need more practice with binding off.  I only know one type of a bind off and in the pictures above, it looks like there is too loose.  Hopefully, it will tighten up after being washed/dried.

Now, I need to decide on another project for the monthly club.   Little projects are best so that you can talk with other people in the group and not worry too much about mistakes.

Happy Stitching (Sewing)!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

My How Time Flies....

Where has the last two weeks gone?  I have kept myself busy with exercise, a bit of sewing, and cleaning the sewing room with lots of other cleaning going on also.

Why does the sewing area get so messy?  My sewing area is shared with the home office and my son's study area.  I know some of the messiness is caused from these other two areas.  It makes it very hard to work in there.  I may do some swapping around in the near future.  I know that will create a lot of joy.   Well, at least, for me.  Maybe not so much for others who will be helping.

When I initially arranged the sewing area, I put in 3 large cabinets for storing fabric and notions, 1 Ikea cabinet for patterns, and then had my sewing tables.  I had visions of this being the perfect solution for containing my messiness.  It hasn't happened.  I don't know what the real solution is but I'm thinking maybe it has something to do with not having so much stuff.  I'm working on actually reducing the amount of items being stored but it takes a long time to do.

What solutions have you found for containing the messiness of sewing?  I would love to hear.

Happy Sewing!

Saturday, November 1, 2014


Do you look at online shops for inspiration?  Today, I was looking at dresses at Anthropology and I found this:

This is the Stripeknit Swing Dress.  Cute, don't you think?  There are a few things that I don't like about the dress and it is the back but I don't have re-create the look of the back just the front.  Since cold weather is coming very soon, other changes would be the length of the sleeves and the length of the hem.  I think I have the perfect pattern to recreate the look but it is a top pattern.  Here it is:

This is one of the new fall Silhouette Patterns called Abbey's Knit Top.  I think this pattern can be used to create a look similar to the Anthropology dress.  

Do you think this pattern is a good one to re-create the Anthropology dress?  Do you know a better pattern pattern to use?  I should probably see if I can get this pattern to fit before attempting a dress.

I need to see if there is any fabric in my stash that might be big enough for a dress.  I don't usually have knits stashed that would be in the correct size for a dress but you never know what is hiding in the stash.

I hope I get something made.

Happy Stitching!