Friday, August 29, 2014

Wardrobe Considerations...Another Round of Purchases....

This fall and winter I'm going to attempt to follow along with the "Start From Scratch" wardrobe advice at The Vivienne Files (at blogspot).  I'm not following through the advice step by step necessarily but I am looking at concept.  My first purchase were handbags.  Both items are in use.  I went shopping today at Kohl's with all my coupons in hand and tried to stay within my color plan.  The post for the color plan is here.  Wow!  This was much harder than I thought it was going to be.  All items in the rose/fuchsia color range were very casual.  I did try on a couple of items but decided against them.  The teal colors that were so popular throughout the summer seem to be missing so far for fall.  I did however find the following items:

This lovely Dana Buchman knit top has three of the colors in it -  black, grey, and a teal.  I loved the colors of this knit.  What I didn't love was the fact that is was sooooo low at the neckline.  It also seems to be a bit long on me.  It seems to a little closer to tunic length on me.  In the picture above, the top is about at the hip line.  It is a couple inches longer than that on me.  I will shorten it if it bothers me.  With the neckline being so low, I decided to add this:

Yes, the camisole is a necessity with the above top.  This item will probably be one of the most worn of the items that I purchased today.   I consider this a layer piece.  It will be worn under other items and never by itself.

The next item is a Dana Buchman ponte skirt.  This should be something that is worn a lot.  It is very long and will most likely be worn with a pair of pair boots.  I'm hoping that I will be able to wear the above top with it.  We'll see if I can get them styled together in such a way that I think it wearable.  One last item:

I decided that I really needed a belt and it had to be a wide belt to go along with the waistband on the skirt.  Of course, accessories of this type isn't something that Kohl's excels at.  This style of belt has been around for three or four years.  In fact, I think I have the same style of belt in brown.

I feel good about my purchases.  I only spent about $35.00.  When I got back to my car I realized that I had another $10.00 coupon that I missed picking up.

Here's my items so far:

1.  1 pair of black pants (from previous season)
2.  1 long sleeved black t-shirt (from previous season)
3.  short and tall black boots (from previous season)
4.  long charcoal skirt
5.  3/4 length knit top in 3 of the 4 colors
6.  black belt
7.  2 black purses

It looks like I have at least 3 complete outfits from the items listed above.  I guess next I should look for the grey pants, long-sleeved grey top, a rose top, and a teal top.   The pants should be easy.  The tops might be challenging to locate.  I need to inspect the stash to see if there is any fabric that will work.  It would be nice to be able to reduce the stash while I work on this wardrobe.

I wish I knew how to make one of those cute little pictures that I see other people doing with wardrobes plans.  If you know how, please let me know.  My sewing plans are to keep working on my grey vest and work on a baby blanket.

Happy Stitching!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Perfect Fabric....

I want to make this dress:

It's Butterick 6090.  At first glance, it is just another shirt dress but it has a very interesting collar.  Here's the line drawing:

Love the collar on this dress.  However, when I received the pattern, I realized that the recommended fabric were challis and crepe.  So, I was on the hunt for the perfect fabric.  Could I find anything in a challis print that I wanted?  No.  I looked at many on-line fabric stores and couldn't find anything.  Fast forward a few days and I'm digging through the stash looking for fabric to make my vests.  Of course, I'm getting a little side tracked because I keep finding fabric that I love.  Then, I spotted it.  The perfect challis for the dress:

Not exactly in the colors I had chosen for fall/winter but there is black in the print which means if I make or buy a black jacket(s) it will most likely coordinate.  Then, I checked the yardage and amazingly there is enough to make the dress.  I am thrilled that the perfect fabric was in stash.  Now, I just need to locate a similar weight fabric for a muslin.

Do you have a fabric stash?  How often do you really find yourself digging through the older fabric to use it? or like me, are you generally more tempted by the new fabric?

Happy Stitching!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Don’t You Love a Busy Weekend?

Once in a while, I like to have busy weekend but still have a little bit of time to relax.  That is how it was this past weekend.

Saturday, DH and I got up early to go to the laundromat.  There are times when it is very necessary.  I had replaced a comforter and the old comforter was still in very good condition.  So, I decided to donate it but I don’t like donating items that are not clean.  My washer was not big enough to handle a queen size comforter.  I needed a commercial size tub.  I hope that someone else can enjoy it. 

When we returned from the laundromat, I jumped right into canning tomatoes.  It seems like I had a lot of tomatoes and ended up with 9 pints and 3 quarts.  Really, that is a lot of canning for me.  I was also finishing up the household laundry during this time period.  Then, I decided to do some of the stuff that doesn’t get washed as often – blankets. 

Oh, my day wasn’t finished yet.  Next, I cut out the muslin for Simplicity 1499.  I found a remnant of a teal colored fleece.  Easy peasy.  Big plus, another yard of fleece out of the storage area.  My zippers had arrived last week. When I was digging through the fleece stash, I found a charcoal piece of fleece that will be perfect for my planned wardrobe for fall/winter.  So, now, I will be making two vests – one in charcoal fleece and one in black French terry.  Both should be nice and warm this winter as a third layer.

Sunday is always my super busy day.  We don’t get home from church till 1:30 to 2:00 range.  Since DH left early this morning for a fun day in New Mexico before his conference, I decided to sew.  I made the long pillow case today:

I don’t know why I procrastinated making this pillow case.  I had already decided that since I couldn't find the color of thread that I wanted and ended up using a gray that I wasn't going to do any special stitches on it.  Yeah, you guess it, it took less than 30 minutes to make it.  So, one project for the bedroom finished. 

With the sewing out of the way, I moved on to the vest.  Simplicity 1499 is a quick sew for a muslin. Here is a couple of quick pics:

Not too bad for a rough run through. Overall, the fit isn't too bad. There is a bubble at the princess seam on the front and it looks like there is a bit of a length issue in the back.  Look my hair decided to be curly today.

I also managed to get the fabric pressed and ironed for a baby blanket that I'm planning.  The pattern is a variation on a chevron.

Here's a parting shot of my little buddy:

He's generally nearby.  Why do cats like boxes?  Especially boxes that are a little bit too small for them.  I had tossed this box on the floor to see if he would show any interest in it.  He actually spends a lot of time sitting/laying in the box.  It makes it kinda hard to throw it away. Doesn't he look like a sad little kitty in this picture?

Happy Stitching!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Where has the time gone?

Whew!  I didn't mean for so much time to disappear in between posts.  Just know that I have been busy with work, the garden, and life.  School will be starting in exactly one week.  I can't believe that my little guy will be a junior this year.  My little guy really isn't little.  He outgrew me a long time ago and is a whooping 6'3".  He still takes the time to give my hugs though in between the teenager stuff.

Butterick did have a pattern sale and I couldn't resist getting the three of the patterns from the last post.  Which ones did I get?  Well, I got the three dress patterns.  I never check to see what kind of fabric is required before I purchase the patterns and really should.  So, I have also been searching for appropriate fabric.  The shirt dress, B6090, calls for a challis or crepe.  I think I would prefer the challis.  If you find a challis in blacks/grays or a teal color please let me know.  The color blocked dress, B6088, much to my surprise requires a woven fabric.  Although, I might try it in a ponte de roma instead.  The last dress is a knit dress, B6080.  I'm really interested in View A except I want the sleeves from View B.  I suspect it's the same armhole between the two views because the two views use the same back pattern piece.  I just need to figure out how much addition fabric is required for the sleeves.   I think I've located fabric for this dress.  Why is it that the needed fabric never in the stash?

I have started working on the first of my fall/winter projects.  It is a vest, Simplicity 1499 view B.  I'll provide more information in this pattern later.  For now, I have the pattern traced and altered.  I'm ready to start the test garment.  I really need to devote more time to my sewing.  I do fine with the planning but the execution is lacking.  How do you manage to accomplish more time in sewing?

September is nearly here.  My sewing buddy and I are resuming our monthly sewing session along with the knitting club is starting again.  The first monthly sewing session will be new holiday mantle cloth.  I just need to get the remaining fabric ordered.  As for the knitting club, I need to figure out an easy project that I can take and work on.  I am working on a sweater via a Craftsy class but I don't want to take that with me to the knitting club.  I think it will require too much concentration.  Since I want to wear the sweater, I don't think that the conversation and knitting will work with it.  I need to find a nice simple project.

Happy Stitching!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Claiming My Blog....

Bloglovin is requiring this to be added to a post so I can claim my blog:

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Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

New Butterick Patterns are out!...

The Fall 2014 Butterick patterns are out and oh, how can I resist looking at the new patterns?  I will admit I have slowed down on purchasing patterns to some extent.  I use to purchase all that interested me.  Let's just say that I have a large pattern collection.  Here are the new patterns that I found interesting:

This is B6088.  I can not resist this type of silhouette.  How about that automatic curvy silhouette?  Even if you're not so curvy, you will look it.

This lovely is B6090.  At first glance, it is just another shirt dress but look again.  Check out the collar in the line drawings:

Not only does it have an interesting collar but you could have dresses for each season.  Here's an interesting knit dress:

Love the asymmetrical look.  This is B6080.  The best surprise with this is there are two variations.  Check out the line drawing:

I think this makes this See & Sew a bargain pattern.  I love both silhouettes.  Now, for the last selection:

This is B6081.  No, not an exciting piece but definitely very wearable.  I had a vest similar to this last year and loved it but it was made from really cheap fabric that left little bits behind every time you wore.  I did find a similar pattern earlier in the year.  If it doesn't work out, I will definitely look into this pattern.  Layers are the way to go when it is really cold out.

I don't know if any of these patterns will make it home.  I have already purchased 4 new patterns for fall/winter.  Really, how many items can I sew up?  I'm really slow when it comes to sewing.

What do you think of the chosen patterns?  Love it, hate it, partially love it.

Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Redecorating the Master Bedroom....

I've been working on redecorating the master bedroom for the past year. Yes, I know I'm slow but when DH starts working on being the designer I quit and that is why it has taken soooo long.  I chose not to replace any furniture as the bedroom furniture is an off white and that will go with most anything.  Here's the wall color that I chose:

The color is called Composed and is in the green family of colors at Sherwin Williams.  It reminds me of the color of water just off the beach of an island.  I love it.  It is such a happy color.  Of course, picking the wall color first slowed down finding new comforter and curtains.  I have finally found a comforter now:

Here's a glimpse on my own bed:

Sorry, this isn't a great picture.   I took this when I was checking the size to see if DH liked the colors (see, I give him options).  You can also see that the actual color on the wall is darker than the Sherwin Williams color chip above.  The bedroom furniture really pops again this wall color.  I am now on the search for curtains.  They will most likely be the dark purple color that you see in the shams.  They will need to be lined as I prefer to have a dark room. It was suggested that I try JC Penny's for curtains.  Has anyone had any experience with custom draperies there?  I will also need to add some small pillows to add more color/texture.  I will make two or three little pillows.  I still need to decide on wall decorations.  I always have a hard time picking that kind of stuff out.

Here's the fabric that I picked up for the first project shown with one of the shams:

This will become a pillow case for the body pillow that is hidden the picture of the bed with the new comforter on it.  I do like making things that match but wow! has the fabric gotten expensive to make a pillow case.  Of course, it will outlive anything that I could purchase.  Hopefully, I didn't over buy by too much.  If I did, I will certainly be making a pillow from the leftovers.

What do you think of my colors?  Too bold?  Just right?

Happy Stitching!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Gardening...The July Totals

The garden has started producing and keeping me busy.  There has been lots of fresh produce:

    1.  Peas - 2 lbs 12 5/8oz
    2.  Lettuce - 5 lbs 15 3/8oz
    3.  Chives - 2 1/4oz
    4.  Cilantro - 2 3/8 oz
    5.  Basil - 2 oz
    6.  Broccoli - 6 5/8 oz
    7.  Verdolagas (purslane) - 15 1/4oz
    8.  Apples -
        a.  1 apple pie
        b.  (13) 1/2 pints of apple preserves
        c.  (16) pints of unsweetened apple sauce
    9.  Beans - 6 lbs 10 7/8 oz
  10.  Squash - 11 lbs 7 5/8 oz
  11.  Hot Banana Peppers - 3 lbs 2 1/2oz
       a.  Amish Hot Pepper - 10 pints
  12.  Jalapenos - 8 5/8oz
  13.  Wax Beans - 1 lbs 14 1/4oz
  14.  Tomatoes - 3 lbs 2 1/2oz
  15.  Carrots - 3 oz

I have been keeping up with the garden the way that I should be.  It's so easy to forget how long it takes to keep everything going.  The weather has been strange the past week as in the temps have been in the high 40s/low 50s F at night and this is affecting the plants in the garden.  The peppers are looking like they normally do in October.  This makes me wonder if we are going to have a short season this year.  The tomatoes started coming in early.  I've even had to pick a few of the green tomatoes.  I will need to figure out what to do with them.  Let me know if you have a good recipe.

I can see looking at the totally that maybe the broccoli needs to be removed from the garden rotation.  We never seem to get much broccoli and it takes up a lot of space.  We mostly get a lot of greenery.  I haven't included all of the items that were tried this month in the totals.  Here's a couple of pictures:

Isn't it amazing how quickly the garden grow?  These pictures are from the 2nd week of July.  The squash is already dying back. I don't know if it is from the bugs or if it is from the cold weather. One last picture of one of the fawns:

Yes, there are two fawns.  I scared them away after taking this picture and haven't seen them since.  Of course, it doesn't hurt that the apples are gone.  I know they are still around because the evidence it all around the house.  There is a third little plot that doesn't have a fence and the hot peppers/tomatoes there are feed.

Happy Gardening! (or should it be Stitching!)

Friday, August 1, 2014

Wardrobe Considerations...Colors

I know I'm working out of order for the "Start From Scratch" advice but I think I will still get there.  This week I have my color chart:

Not the best pie chart but it's the color information across.  The base neutrals are black and dark gray with a rose/fuchsia and teal as accents and then a white or off white. I always have black in my wardrobe for fall and winter.  We'll see how I do with getting the account colors added.

Now, I just need to make some time to sew or go shopping. I've been buying fabric again so I'm inclined to attempt to sew as much as I can.  Although at this time of the year, the garden is calling.

Happy Planning and Stitching!