Saturday, August 22, 2015

Sewing Plans....

Do you ever find yourself planning projects and realize that there most likely isn't any way possible to create the items as soon as you want?  I have a long, long list of stuff that I want to make.  I have been working much harder about making the patterns that I've been purchasing.  I have been working on stuff.

The cardinal quilt is cut out except for the fussy cutting.  The fussy cuts are a weird size so you can't purchase a template to assist.  I will need to mark a larger template.  I need (20) 9 1/2" squares.  The other fuzzy cut items is length wise with the selvage and you guess it, 9 1/2" x some long number.  The instructions don't exactly tell you how to cut the strips but state to follow the example in the picture.  I will get it through soon.  I have to.  This is suppose to be a Christmas present.

Not only do I have the cardinal quilt but I have added a second quilt.  This one doesn't really have a pattern for the curved piecing.  I will be following the instructions from Man Sewing on curves.  This can be found on youtube. I ordered the fabric for this in the spring and it just arrived this week.  Here's the bundle that I ordered:

This is a bundle of 22 fat quarters of Artisan cross dyed cotton from Windham.  I'm hoping that there is enough fabric for the quilt top.  This quilt will be for my son.  He wants all of the colors of this collection in his quilt.  He would like it by winter.  We'll see if that is possible.

I did get the Yoga Pant pant from Silhouette Patterns traced this week.  I'm hoping to get a test pair completed over the weekend.  It would be lovely if these fit well from the start.  There are many other garments that I have planned but aren't ready to talk about yet.

I finally got the machine oil and motor lube for my little Featherweight.  Sometime during all the sewing that is suppose to be happening, I want to make time to get my little machine going again.  I strongly suspect that the issue is directly related to the operator because I can't seem to get it to create a stitch.

In September, the monthly sewing meeting with my sewing buddy will start again.  The first session of late summer/ earlyfall will be on texture.  We are specifically going to play with Texture Magic and compare it to Bosal's Stitch & Seam.  It should be an interesting meeting placing with specialty stitches or just plain stitches, and the texturing materials.  I have only been able to locate videos on using the texture magic.  If anyone knows of a good tutorial on using this type of material, please let me know.

Happy Stitching!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Fall McCall's Patterns are Here...

The new fall McCall's patterns have arrived and I'm liking several of the patterns.  Let's start with the fancy one first:

This is M7245.  I really like this dress and wish that it had a place in my current lifestyle.  The pattern has two views and the one shown is my favorite.

This is M7240.  This is a simple pullover knit dress with an interesting neckline.  Yes, the neckline is certainly what drew me in on this one.  

The is M7242.  Isn't this a great variation on a shirt dress.  There are 2 sleeve lengths plus sleeveless and 3 dress lengths.

This is M7246.  This lovely little wrap dress comes in 2 sleeve lengths plus sleeveless and 2 dress lengths.  Love the view shown.  I'm not sure about the big patch pockets.  That neckline will most likely need some close fitting to prevent gaping.

I would love to make a couple of these dresses but realistically I don't know if it will happen.  I do like dressing a little above causal everyday jeans and t-shirt but don't always do it.  Really dresses are just as easy to wear.

What do you think of the items that I picked?  What are your favorites from the fall release?  Don't miss out on the McCall's sale.

Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Finally Moving Toward Stitching....

The garden and house repairs have been keeping me busy.  However, there is rarely a day goes by that I'm dreaming of sewing something.  Remember this quilt kit:

Yeah, my two months of sneaking sewing has turned into one month.  Sunday, I finally got the fabric washed and I was hoping that all was well because I tossed everything in together and washed it.  Red and black with white and green isn't necessarily a good combination for the first washing of fabric but since they are to be together, I risked it and it was fine.  Monday, I pressed all the fabric.  I'm hoping today to get the fabric cut out and ready for stitching.  Maybe my sneaky stitching will be at work as it is much cooler there.

I did end up placing another order with McCall's for the Vogue patterns that I was wanting.  I purchased this dress:

This is such a 70s look. I couldn't resist it.  This is V9124.  The best part is I had this fabric in the stash:

...and I think it will be perfect for this dress.  I will be going with View C.  I have plenty of this fabric to make the dress.  This is not part of the 6-pac sewing as it isn't part of the color scheme that I will be using.  The fabric is some kind of knit.  It has a gauzy appearance.  I can't remember what project this was purchased for but it will be a fun fall garment.   In looking at the pattern description, it states that it uses a bias neck binding.  I think I will just use the cross-wise grain as it should be the stretchiest and I don't think knits really have a bias option.  One of the listed fabrics is a jersey.  I need to read through the directions and see if there is anything different about using the knit.  I need to purchase buttons and a belt.  I think I have thread already.

So, I guess my plan for this week will be to work on the quilt during the day at work for an hour or so and then work on the dress at home in the evening.  I wonder if I can actually accomplish this task.

Happy Sewing!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Fall Sewing Via The 6PAC...

 The Autumn 6PAC has been announced and it looks like a good start on a fall wardrobe.  Thoughts of sewing are never far from my thoughts however I haven't managed much any real sewing since spring.  Maybe I should really say I haven't finished anything since spring as I have certainly started many things.  Here's the 6PAC information:

1. One jacket or cardigan, in a dark neutral.
2. One jacket or cardigan, in a light neutral or your color.
3. One pair of trousers in a dark neutral.
4. One skirt or another pair of trousers in the same or a toning shade of the dark neutral.
5. One top in the dark neutral.
6. One top in the light neutral or your color. (or a print that links your color and neutral)

Looks good don't you think?  I'm not going to post any plans at this time because I don't want to jinks myself.  I dress casual most of the time for work since I work for myself.  Maybe it's time to step it up a bit and then if and when I decide to get a job with a pay check, I'll have something to wear.  Of course, you can create as many 6PACS as you want.  There could be a casual 6PAC and a dressy 6PAC.  The question is "Is it possible to sew that much in 3-months?".

What are you thoughts on this fall wardrobe pick me up?

Happy Sewing!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

July's Garden...

June may have been cool and extremely wet but July has been equally hot and dry.  That hasn't slowed down the garden much.  Here are the totals:

1.  Peas - 15 3/8 oz  - that's it.  The vines have been removed.
2.  Radishes - 9 1/4 oz - that's it till it cools down in September.
3.  Red Tomatoes - 7 lbs 3 3/4 oz = this is a mix between bronze, grape, cherry, and early varieties.  Due to disease, the heirloom variety were removed.  So there will not be any giant tomatoes this year.
4.  Yellow squash - 25lbs 6oz = this is a mix between yellow straight and crookneck
5.  Zucchini squash - 27 lbs 7 1/4oz
6.  Apples, Lodi variety - 38lb 14 1/4 oz - There were more apples given away than weighted.  This apple makes a wonderful apple pie, apple preserves, and some great applesauce.  Unfortunately, it only lasted for a few days after it has been picked.
7. Broccoli - 2 lbs 7 3/4oz - I always wonder whether growing your own is worth it. If my son didn't gobble it down I probably wouldn't bother because it does take up garden space.
8.  Green beans - 5 lbs 6 3/4 oz = this is mixed varieties
9.  Wax beans - 1 lb 5 5/8 oz - mixed varieties
10.  Yellow tomatoes (pear) - 3/8oz - I suspect many of these were snacked on in the garden.
11.  Basil - 1/2 oz
12.  Garlic - 3/4oz - The garlic has been harvested but as with many items we forgot to weight it.  This year's harvest was smaller than normal.
13.  Carrots - 1 7/8oz - this is really just thinning them out but the little carrots are edible.
14.  Cucumber - 8oz - this is amazing.  The first cucumber we have gotten in years.
15.  Bell Pepper - 2 3/8 oz - this was picked because I needed a pepper for dinner.  It was little but serviced the purpose.
16.  Cayenne Pepper - 1 3/8oz - think I missed weighing some of these but they are drying
17. Jalapeno Pepper - 7/8oz - again needed for dinner but isn't that what the garden is for?

I have no doubt that everything wasn't counted that came out of the garden.  It was sad that our lettuce beds didn't survive but we do have more planted and it is growing probably another week and it will be ready to pick.

I did make Apple Preserves around 15 or 16 1/2 pints and Nectarine-Mango jam around 15 1/2 pints. My husband makes and cans the apples sauce.  I do not know how much was canned but not the entire 38 pounds because some of it became apple pies.

My neighbors tired of seeing me coming with squash so I finally gave up and figured out a couple of ways to freeze it for later use.  No one disappeared when I showed up with apple sauce.  LOL

I did get the Butterick patterns that I was interested in when the last sale happened so I've been searching for appropriate fabric.  You know that the appropriate fabric is rarely located in the fabric stash and I do try really hard for new fabric not to actually become part of the stash.

Happy Stitching or Gardening!