Saturday, August 22, 2015

Sewing Plans....

Do you ever find yourself planning projects and realize that there most likely isn't any way possible to create the items as soon as you want?  I have a long, long list of stuff that I want to make.  I have been working much harder about making the patterns that I've been purchasing.  I have been working on stuff.

The cardinal quilt is cut out except for the fussy cutting.  The fussy cuts are a weird size so you can't purchase a template to assist.  I will need to mark a larger template.  I need (20) 9 1/2" squares.  The other fuzzy cut items is length wise with the selvage and you guess it, 9 1/2" x some long number.  The instructions don't exactly tell you how to cut the strips but state to follow the example in the picture.  I will get it through soon.  I have to.  This is suppose to be a Christmas present.

Not only do I have the cardinal quilt but I have added a second quilt.  This one doesn't really have a pattern for the curved piecing.  I will be following the instructions from Man Sewing on curves.  This can be found on youtube. I ordered the fabric for this in the spring and it just arrived this week.  Here's the bundle that I ordered:

This is a bundle of 22 fat quarters of Artisan cross dyed cotton from Windham.  I'm hoping that there is enough fabric for the quilt top.  This quilt will be for my son.  He wants all of the colors of this collection in his quilt.  He would like it by winter.  We'll see if that is possible.

I did get the Yoga Pant pant from Silhouette Patterns traced this week.  I'm hoping to get a test pair completed over the weekend.  It would be lovely if these fit well from the start.  There are many other garments that I have planned but aren't ready to talk about yet.

I finally got the machine oil and motor lube for my little Featherweight.  Sometime during all the sewing that is suppose to be happening, I want to make time to get my little machine going again.  I strongly suspect that the issue is directly related to the operator because I can't seem to get it to create a stitch.

In September, the monthly sewing meeting with my sewing buddy will start again.  The first session of late summer/ earlyfall will be on texture.  We are specifically going to play with Texture Magic and compare it to Bosal's Stitch & Seam.  It should be an interesting meeting placing with specialty stitches or just plain stitches, and the texturing materials.  I have only been able to locate videos on using the texture magic.  If anyone knows of a good tutorial on using this type of material, please let me know.

Happy Stitching!

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