Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Fall Sewing Via The 6PAC...

 The Autumn 6PAC has been announced and it looks like a good start on a fall wardrobe.  Thoughts of sewing are never far from my thoughts however I haven't managed much any real sewing since spring.  Maybe I should really say I haven't finished anything since spring as I have certainly started many things.  Here's the 6PAC information:

1. One jacket or cardigan, in a dark neutral.
2. One jacket or cardigan, in a light neutral or your color.
3. One pair of trousers in a dark neutral.
4. One skirt or another pair of trousers in the same or a toning shade of the dark neutral.
5. One top in the dark neutral.
6. One top in the light neutral or your color. (or a print that links your color and neutral)

Looks good don't you think?  I'm not going to post any plans at this time because I don't want to jinks myself.  I dress casual most of the time for work since I work for myself.  Maybe it's time to step it up a bit and then if and when I decide to get a job with a pay check, I'll have something to wear.  Of course, you can create as many 6PACS as you want.  There could be a casual 6PAC and a dressy 6PAC.  The question is "Is it possible to sew that much in 3-months?".

What are you thoughts on this fall wardrobe pick me up?

Happy Sewing!

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