Friday, June 3, 2016

Wilder West Lacy Scarf....

Remember my excitement in the last post about receiving the Wilder book?  One of the projects that I was really excited about was the West Lacy Scarf.  Here's a look:

Beautiful scarf in the picture!  However I can't get my knitting look like that at all.  Somehow the instructions just do not match up and the resulting fabric doesn't have that pretty design.  Oh, it has a design just not this particular one.  I did contact the designer and I did get a response but it didn't help me much except knowing which rows were suppose to end up with the same number of stitches as you started out with.  I've been trying to locate directions for the basic stitch without success.  I don't consider myself a beginner knitter.  I have knitted much more complicated patterns that this one.  I don't really considered myself an advanced knitter either.  I do consider myself an experienced knitter and this pattern is listed as suitable for a knitter with a little experience.  I'm a bit beyond that description.

I don't want to type out the instructions here because that would be unfair to the designer.  However, if anyone has any successful experience with this pattern I would really love to hear from you.  Also, if you recognize the basic stitch on this scarf and know where directions can be located, I would love to hear about that.

REVISE....I figured out what I was doing wrong when I was following the directions and it was a total misunderstanding of the YFWD.  I watched many videos on this and they always did the YFWD with a knit which made it look like that was what it is.  Nope, just a simple YO.   My knitting looks just like the picture above now.

As for the yarn, Rowan Softknit, this is fabulous.  It has withstood my many attempts are creating this scarf without any damage to the yarn.  I hope I can yet figure out the scarf.  If not, maybe I will create my own pattern for a scarf and move on,  I have books with lots of lacy stitch patterns surely I can figure one out from there.

Happy Stitching!