Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Round 2 - Silhoutte Classic Blouse ...

Well, I have given the size 6W a try in the Classic Blouse.  I did not make any changes to the pattern with the exception of moving the dart point.  I felt that it was too close in.  Here are the results:

Overall, I would say the blouse is too big or maybe I should say there is too much circumference.  It seems to fit the tummy and hip area a little bit better which is what I thought would happen.  There still seems to be some funkiness with the sleeve.  The tightness that I feel through the back is still there when I move my arms.  Maybe I will send a message to the designer and see what she says.  

I'm going to give this another try with the following changes:

1.  Fix the neckline and the collar.  I mentioned the necessary changes on the last post.

2.  Change the shoulder slope and fix the armhole.

3.  Merge the sizes of the 5W top with the 6W bottom.   (I have changed my mind about this.  I will be using the 6W patterns and locating a fabric that isn't as stiff.)

I will say that this is a very quick blouse to make.  The hardest part is the pressing of the collar edge and attaching it to the blouse.  The designer makes this in an hour without the hem and buttonholes.  I can do that to.  

What are you thoughts?

Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Silhouette Classic Blouse....

I had some time to start the fitting process of the Silhouette Classic Blouse pattern:

I traced the 5W size and added to the length of the blouse about 3 inches.  The pattern seemed very short to me.  Maybe I have a long torso.  I decided against making any additional changes to the pattern until I saw what it looked like.  I did pick the sizing by a blouse that I currently wear.  So here's my muslin:

Even though this is the muslin, I did stitch the entire blouse minus the hems, buttons and buttons.  In the picture above one shoulder is pinned up to match the shoulder slope.  That will be addressed on the pattern later.  Overall, I felt like the circumference at the bust was good until I started actually moving around a little bit.  Then, I realized for mobility I was going to need to move up to another size.  Although if a stretch fabric was used this size would probably work well.  Other issues:

1.  I didn't drape the bust darts and used the darts as drawn on the pattern. These darts will need to be shortened and lowered a little bit on the pattern.

2.  Neckline shaping is wrong for me. I know you can't tell by looking at the picture but it needs to be dropped by about an inch.  This will involved redrawing the neckline in the front and adding length at the center back of the collar.

3.  Circumference at hip - Remember I added 3 inches to the length?  I forgot to check the circumference to make sure it would go around my hip.  This is an easy fix.

Here's the back.  It's not too bad.  You can see the circumference issue at the hip line (mentioned in 3 above).  What I don't know is if wrinkling at center back is a sway back issue or if it is a circumference issue.  I don't know about the weird wrinkle on the sleeve.  I will need to go back to some of my fitting information and see if I can find it addressed somewhere.

Techniques in the pattern:
  1. Collar - the information on stitching the collar together is a little bit different and worked well. The instructions have you edge stitch the collar onto the neckline.  This was my first attempt at this type of application.  Although not perfect, it turned out well.  This will be good with practice.
  2. Facing - the facing on this pattern is the button/button hole band.  I will like this application,
  3. Sleeves - the instruction want you not to use pins.  This was really hard for me as I wanted to use pins through out the sleeve.  I used one pin to mark the matching point at the shoulder.  With practice, this could be a good technique.  


I am definitely going to do another muslin in the next size up.  It could be that what I need to a mix of sizes to get a good fit.  I liked the sleeve except for the funky wrinkle at the back.  Off to do another muslin and see how it does.

Have you tried this pattern?  How did it turn out?  I would love to hear.

Happy Stitching!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Spring/Summer Wardrobe Planning....

I am late with this but I haven't really gone through much of my spring/summer wardrobe yet.  I have decided on a color scheme which is slightly different that the fall/winter color scheme.  The colors will be navy, rose, light grey, blue.  I would be really nice if I could make this work as well as the fall/winter wardrobe.  Here's the patterns that I'm going to attempt:

1.  Silhouette Patterns #600 - Classic Blouse - The imagine on the pattern nor the line drawings give this pattern much hope.  However, the versions that I've seen made up look very nice.  I have it traced  the 5W size and pin fitted. At 5'5", the pattern as delivered is too short.  I will be adding at least 3" to the length. Here's the pictures:

My muslin will be made up in a gingham to see how well it fits.  In addition to the length issue, I have also determined that the shoulder slope needs to be adjusted on this pattern. If I can get a good fit, I have a cotton floral fabric to make this up in with the colors of blues and pinks.

2. Silhouette Patterns #2913 Nick & Zoe's Best Selling Skirt.  I ordered this skirt when it was released and have never gotten around to it.  I ordered a stretch denim for this.

3.  Silhouette Patterns #2516 Lim's Bias Skirt.  This pattern hopped right into my cart when I saw it. I have not picked a fabric yet and need to locate someone that sells the foldover elastic in colors.  Anyone have a source?  My guess it will be in the rose color family.

4.  I am also planning on knitting 2 tank tops from the class on Feminine Fit at Craftsy.  I am unable to get a picture of this but it has a curved hem and is fitted.  I hope I can get my knitting needles going.  This is what I generally do when I'm watching TV.  One of the yarns is in pinks and the other is in blues.

5.  I'm also planning a denim dress but haven't decided on the pattern yet.  I have plenty of shirt dress patterns or if I can get the Silhouette Classic Blouse to work out, I may lengthen it.

Okay, I think this is enough of a commit to attempt in addition to the 2 quilts that I need to finish by the first of June.  I think I need to spend more quality time with my sewing machine and sew like the wind.

What do you think of my pattern selections?  Have you made any of this patterns?  I will admit that I have had a hit or miss with this pattern line but Peggy has always been helpful.

Happy Sewing!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Summer Vogues are Here....

I love seeing the new pattern styles each season.  They are not always something that I would make for myself even the ones that I like.  Let's get started:

This is V1498.  Cute little summer dress, don't you think?

This is V1500.  A slightly different take on the fabulous shirtdress.  With the right fabric, this one would be very office appropriate.

This is V1503.  Nice shirt with interesting lines.  Could be a work appropriate blouse depending on the fabric.  There are two different tops in this pattern.

This is V1499,  This dress has interesting seaming in the bodice.  The skirt is a bit fuller.

The overall take on this collection is that the tops are big and flowing with the pants being narrow or tapered,  I'm a little tempted by the shirt dress pattern and the top pattern but I don't really think any of it will be added to my stash.  What is your take on the summer vogues?

Happy Stitching!