Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Round 2 - Silhoutte Classic Blouse ...

Well, I have given the size 6W a try in the Classic Blouse.  I did not make any changes to the pattern with the exception of moving the dart point.  I felt that it was too close in.  Here are the results:

Overall, I would say the blouse is too big or maybe I should say there is too much circumference.  It seems to fit the tummy and hip area a little bit better which is what I thought would happen.  There still seems to be some funkiness with the sleeve.  The tightness that I feel through the back is still there when I move my arms.  Maybe I will send a message to the designer and see what she says.  

I'm going to give this another try with the following changes:

1.  Fix the neckline and the collar.  I mentioned the necessary changes on the last post.

2.  Change the shoulder slope and fix the armhole.

3.  Merge the sizes of the 5W top with the 6W bottom.   (I have changed my mind about this.  I will be using the 6W patterns and locating a fabric that isn't as stiff.)

I will say that this is a very quick blouse to make.  The hardest part is the pressing of the collar edge and attaching it to the blouse.  The designer makes this in an hour without the hem and buttonholes.  I can do that to.  

What are you thoughts?

Happy Stitching!

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