Thursday, October 14, 2010

Another one bits the dust....

Yes, another UFO has bit the dust. The grain bag is finished. I didn't add the elastic to the top. It was super simple sewing and surprisingly everything came together easily. DH is very happy and proclaimed that he now needed to make a batch of beer to try out the new bag. I hope it works for him. I now have a pattern that works. The sewing time on this was very short. It took about 1 1/2 hours to complete and this included fiddling with the serger which had to be threaded from the beginning (I usually pull threads) and I had to move needles. Now, I'm wondering why this became a UFO.

However, I'm now planning new projects which will most likely become the next UFOs. I hope not but you know how that goes.

I have gone stash diving and found a couple of fabrics. The first one is some kind of challis (I think) and is in lovely fall colors. Here's the pattern I was planning on: The version I'm thinking about is the one shown in yellow. This is McCall's 5925. Is this still somewhat fashionable? I was going to lengthen it to knee length and wear tights with boots. I'm thinking that it might be nice and warm for my office. I did look for reviews and found one. I need to take the pattern out and measure it. Since the styling is suppose to be very loose fitting, I will need to determine how loose I'm willing to go.

The second stash find that I found was a navy dinosaur print. My son has agreed that it would make perfect pjs. Hopefully, I can get those made. He has outgrown everything and I'm sure would appreciate something besides short pjs now that the weather is getting cool again.

Don't think that I have made all the UFOs disappear because I haven't. I can think of at least three more but I want something new for myself.

Happy Sewing!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Georgous fabric!

Yesterday, the distributor's rep stopped by to see me and show me fabric. I really do like seeing the fabric in person not that I have ever been disappointed with the fabrics that I have purchased via the internet for the store. However, sometimes you just have to touch the fabric to understand. I got to see the fabrics by Anna Maria Horner yesterday - the voiles, the velvets, the home dec fabric. Oh my, is this nice fabric and in my opinion worth every penny of the price of these lovely pieces. I will be saving room in my budget for her next collections. I want some of the voiles for myself. Oh, I can't locate the code to create a link for you. Just go to Free Spirit Fabric Gallery and look at Innocent Crush and Little Folks collection.

Happy Sewing!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

1 UFO down and....

Yes, I have mostly finished the curtain for the deck and here it is:

This curtain took about 2 months for me to complete. It is certainly not my best work but it is functional. I did forget to add weights to the bottom and this will be fixed over the winter. This is the largest curtain that I have ever made. It is just over 12 feet across. Really, this is very easy sewing. I used felted seams for joins and regular hems on the sides and bottom. The top however is angled to match the slope of the ceiling. This project included two new to me items. First, the fabric is outdoor fabric is a little different to handle. Second, I used outdoor thread for the stitching. My machine balked a little bit at using this thread and it took a little bit of playing with the tensions to get a good stitch. Outdoor thread is very heavy. However, it is a necessary part of sewing for the outdoors.

I really like the change to the atmosphere on the deck by adding the curtain. The curtain is necessary as the afternoon sun shines directly on the table in the summer. I want to add cushions to the chairs. I have stashed more outdoor fabrics. I have been unable to locate the foam for outdoor cushions. I know I will locate it eventually.

I have added another new book to the library. I'm intrigued by "Learning to Sew" books. Here's the latest addition:

Yes, the book has the typical information that is found in every sewing book that is printed today - the tools and the machine. However, something I haven't seen before is a getting to know your machine. As in stitching every stitch and playing with the stitch length and width. A cool little project for anyone sewing. Isn't this something you do with every new machine? The book is full of little projects that anyone would like to do not just the beginner. Did I tell you that you get patterns too? Do I agree with all the techniques that is used on the book? No, I think some of my own techniques are better. I love this book though and maybe this will be a book that I do some projects from. Really though, I picked up because I was looking for a book for a potential client at work who is wanting to learn to sew. I think this book would be very good for her.

Now, I will move on to the next UFO. The grain bag for my husband. It's somewhere in the sewing area all cut out waiting for me to thread the serger and sewing machine. I hope I can remember everything that I intended to do because I doubt that I wrote it all down. DH will be very happy to get it. Brewing season is just around the corner and the brew master will be very happy with a new grain bag that actually fits his pot.

Happy Sewing!