Friday, January 30, 2015

Trapunto…Have You Tried This Technique?

This year my sewing buddy and I are going to attempt learning new techniques.  Instead of doing a project in January we met to decide on some new techniques to learn.  We ended up picking two techniques to start.  The first one is trapunto and the second one is using fusible thread in the serger to help with putting the binding on a quilt.  These will be small projects like pot holders or place mats or maybe even a table runner. 

I found a tutorial at  (link) that uses snowflakes. There are other techniques that use the same design.  I might attempt some of them also.  I think the snowflakes would make a cute winter table runner.

Here’s is a fairly good video tutorial from Landauer Publishing - .  It isn’t exactly like the tutorial on quiltsocial but it provides some great information.  There are also a ton of great videos by this company.

I didn't realize when I suggested the trapunto technique that there was machine quilting involved.  This isn't something I’m very good at but maybe I can figure out how to do an outline with my machine.

So, we left our January meeting with a small list of items to get:

1.  Water soluable thread
2.  Water soluable backing
3.   Fabric for our project – front and back
4.   A high loft batting for the trapunto
5.   Regular batting for whatever project we decide to make
6.   Fusible thread for the serger so we can finish our projects

This might turn into a two month project because we’re doing two separate techniques.  I know the machine quilting will be difficult for me but I’m hoping the rest of it will be super simple.  I'll keep you updated with our progress or even the lack of progress.  First sewing meeting is first Saturday in February.

Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Small Knitting Project Finished...

I finished the little project for the monthly knitting meeting.  It turned out pretty cute.  Here is the completed item:

This is the Celtic Cables Dishcloth.  It is a Lily Sugar 'n Cream free pattern.  Just follow the link.  You might need a login to download the pattern.  Overall, the was a very nice little pattern.  It would be a great introduction to cables. This is a total of 6 different cables in this little piece.  I might make another one but there are so many different dishcloth patterns why stick with just one pattern.

Happy Stitching!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Wardrobe Considerations Going Forward...

Here it is closing in on the end of January, the weather is coldish and I'm dreaming of spring.  So I've decided to start thinking about the spring/summer wardrobe.  No, I'm most likely not finished creating cold weather items but a little planning goes a long way.  My first real attempt at wardrobe planning was last fall.  I mostly purchased and used existing wardrobes pieces.  There was only one item that was purchased that wasn't loved.  Not bad for a first attempt.  There are still many wardrobes holes but I think that probably always exists.

Do you every visit Stitcher's Guild?  There are so many conversions regarding wardrobes.  There are many sew alongs. One that has always intrigued me is the SWAP contest. In general you product 11 garments. That is a lot of planning and sewing to do over 3 or 4 months.  For me, the 6PAC sew along would probably be more likely to be completed over a 3 month time period.  There is a 6PAC with every season.  This allows for giving yourself a little wardrobe boost.  I'm hoping to participate in the spring 6pac sew along.

Other conversions include "How much is too much?".  This is a good thought provoking question.  There are some bloggers that I see creating two or three garments a week.  I always wonder what they do with all those clothes. You rarely hear whether the items are wardrobe dudes or not.  No matter how big your closet is at some point it is going to become full.

So, how do you know that you have enough clothing?  Everyone has some sort of list of activities that have to be accounted for --- going to work, going to church, going to the gym, casual wear, sleeping,  date night wear, special attire for wedding, funerals, etc. I'm sure that others can add addition categories.  Some categories can mix. Some categories can't mix.  For me, sleep wear and going to the gym wear do not mix with any other category. However, I do think that the rest of the categories could be mixed somewhat.

What are your thoughts on wardrobe planning?  Do you actual plan out a coordinated wardrobe whether purchasing or making?

Happy Stitching!

Friday, January 23, 2015

It Finally Arrived....

I was beginning to think that my order for the Fit 2 Stitch series 300 had gotten lost in the mail but it finally showed up.  However, I was a bit disappointed that the first episode was posted on the youtube before I received it. Here's the episodes:

1.  Intro to Fashion Sewing
2.  Designer Series
3.  A Trip to Europe
4.  The Yoga Skirt
5.  12 Pattern Rules
6.  10 Best All Time Sewing Tips
7.  One Pattern - My New Wardrobe
8.  Lace in Fashion
9.  Collar Options
10.  Handicap Dressing
11.  Off-the-Rack Sewing
12.  Lining vs Interfacing and Seam Finishing
13.  The Trench Coat - Look at Me Now!

If you're lucky enough to have this show on your local PBS station, now you know what to look forward to in the new series.  When I ordered the DVD, this pattern was included:

It looks like a nice sweater type top.  Although be aware that the yardage looks like it includes the little doggie sweater. I will definitely check on this as I don't own a dog and I don't think that my cat would allow me to be put a sweater on him.  Although, he might like it when the house is cold.  Now that I think about it, I'm not sure the cat would be too happy about being measured either.

Hopefully, I will find time to watch some of the episodes this weekend. Saturday is the monthly knitting day.

Happy Stitching!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

New Tunic....

I finally finished one of the planned tunics. For this one, I used these fabrics: 

The black one is a Hatchi sweater knit and it is very nice.  The striped sweater knit isn’t so nice.  It is very fuzzy which I don’t particular care for.  Both fabrics came from 

I used Abbey’s Knit Top pattern by Silhouette’s.  Here’s the line drawing:

Here’s the finished top:

Over all, I think this is a nice pattern.  Here are the changes that I made:
  1. didn't add the bottom band.  I wish that I had not made this decision but I’ll make note of it for the next time I use this pattern.
  2. I added four inches to the length to make it equivalent in length to having the band.
I made this using a 6WD.  Surprisingly, I didn't have to add to the hip area.  This particular pattern line is known for being very narrow through the hips in the “W” sizing and measuring indicated that it had enough ease.

I did order too much fabric for this. With using the two colors, I could have used one yard of each color.  I will also make a note of this for the next time I use this pattern.  It is definitely something to consider.

What I didn't like:        
  1. Mostly, I think this dislike is the striped fabric.  It is a little bit on the thin side.
  2. The neck band seems a little large.  This could disappear when it’s washed.  Again, this could be a fabric issue.      
  3. The neckline seems a little wide.  Again, this is something to note for next time.
None of these issues will prevent me from wearing this at least a couple of times.  

This is only the second time I have finished an item with the sweater knits.  So far I have been successful using the lightening stitch on my machine with the stitch lengthened to 4.5mm.  I would love to hear how other are hemming this fabric type.  Also, since I'm fairly new to ordering this fabric type, how do you know when ordering that you're going to get a nice fabric?  As I stated earlier, I really liked the Hatchi version of the sweater knit but no so much the striped sweater knit.  Is the Hatchi style a better knit?

This item fits in very well with the wardrobe color plan that I made last fall.  I'm happy with my color choices.  

My order from arrived with the replacement fabric for the first tunic I was working on.  So, hopefully, I will be able to share that with you soon.  

Happy Sewing!


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Spring Vogues Patterns Are Available....

I was happy to see the new Vogue patterns were available.  I didn't see much that was interesting for me which is OK.  I have a huge pattern stash from when I found tons of patterns that I thought I had to have.  Here's my picks:

This is V1432 by Kay Unger of New York.  I really like the lines of this dress.  The picture doesn't do much for the dress. You can't really see the design.  It could look very different in person.

This is V9087.  It looks like a fun top.  Lots of fun with color blocking. I love the all the angles and I think it would flattering.

What are your thoughts on the new Vogues?  Were you able to find more interesting patterns?

Happy Sewing!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Spring Simplicity Patterns...

I just noticed that the Simplicity patterns for spring are available.  There are a lot of costume patterns and the majority are for Frozen.  These patterns are for adults, children, and dolls.  Outside of the costume patterns, the offering was a little slim for adults, and several for children.  Here are my picks and all have a vintage feel:

How about a 60s vibe?  I really like the look of this dress.  I'm not sure that I would make it in such high contrast fabrics.  I think this will be on my list for consideration for spring.  I have been trying not to purchase as many patterns.  I need to decide if I would really make the dress or would it become another pattern for the collection.

Here's a 70s vibe.  When did the 70's become vintage? I really like the look of this little outfit. The little dress is a blank canvas.  You could do so much with this little dress.  If I had a little girl it would definitely be in my pattern stash.

Winter has finally hit in my part of the country.  I really prefer the weather that we had this past weekend in the mid-50s verses the low-teens that we are experiencing now. The cold and the snow only make me wish for spring.

Happy Sewing!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Year!

Life has been busy with the holidays.  We visited family for about a week.  I'm not so good in the car on the really long drives but I took lots to computer, books, yarn, and crochet needle. Yep, that kept me busy during the long drive.  I did forget to bring along a book light but my phone worked fairly well.  I made four dish clothes a long the way, read 2 1/2 books, and watched 3 videos.

Since I've been home I have kept busy with various activities.  One of my xmas gifts was the Hunger Games book set and I've started the third book in the series.  I made a run to JoAnn's in hopes of finding some type of mesh so I can finish a top (more on that at a later date) that I started just before xmas.  I purchased a yard of a knit mesh and many balls of cotton yarn.

We started a puzzle (another gift).  Here's a pic:

Yep, another 2000 piece one.  This has a lot of yellows, browns, and greens.  Hopefully, it will not take long to finish.

I have also been knitting on another dish cloth.  I can take this along to the monthly knitting club assuming I don't finish it before then.  Here's the pic:

I do enjoy working on the cables.  It gives practice for longer projects.  This is the Celtic Cables Dishcloth at  It is a freebie.  I'm using a cream cotton yarn - Sugar'n Cream from Lily.  When I was reading the instructions I found a new abbreviation that I had not seen before - M1.  It was easy to figure out.  I found a website that showed how to do the stitch in either a continental or english style.  So, now I officially have three knitting projects going.  I will not start any more knitting projects until the dish cloth is finished.  I need to have some small easy project going for the monthly knitting club.

I'm going to make a simple resolution this year.  It is simply to attempt to be more organized than I have been in the last couple of years.  This isn't just my sewing/knitting/crocheting but everything.  I have already started down this path and I'm seeing some results.  I have a hard time keeping up with all the clutter that comes via the mail especially when someone else in the household picks it up and puts it in an odd spot.

My plans for the remainder of the weekend will be to finish the top that I started, work on the puzzle, and enjoy my family.

Happy Stitching!