Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Year!

Life has been busy with the holidays.  We visited family for about a week.  I'm not so good in the car on the really long drives but I took lots to computer, books, yarn, and crochet needle. Yep, that kept me busy during the long drive.  I did forget to bring along a book light but my phone worked fairly well.  I made four dish clothes a long the way, read 2 1/2 books, and watched 3 videos.

Since I've been home I have kept busy with various activities.  One of my xmas gifts was the Hunger Games book set and I've started the third book in the series.  I made a run to JoAnn's in hopes of finding some type of mesh so I can finish a top (more on that at a later date) that I started just before xmas.  I purchased a yard of a knit mesh and many balls of cotton yarn.

We started a puzzle (another gift).  Here's a pic:

Yep, another 2000 piece one.  This has a lot of yellows, browns, and greens.  Hopefully, it will not take long to finish.

I have also been knitting on another dish cloth.  I can take this along to the monthly knitting club assuming I don't finish it before then.  Here's the pic:

I do enjoy working on the cables.  It gives practice for longer projects.  This is the Celtic Cables Dishcloth at  It is a freebie.  I'm using a cream cotton yarn - Sugar'n Cream from Lily.  When I was reading the instructions I found a new abbreviation that I had not seen before - M1.  It was easy to figure out.  I found a website that showed how to do the stitch in either a continental or english style.  So, now I officially have three knitting projects going.  I will not start any more knitting projects until the dish cloth is finished.  I need to have some small easy project going for the monthly knitting club.

I'm going to make a simple resolution this year.  It is simply to attempt to be more organized than I have been in the last couple of years.  This isn't just my sewing/knitting/crocheting but everything.  I have already started down this path and I'm seeing some results.  I have a hard time keeping up with all the clutter that comes via the mail especially when someone else in the household picks it up and puts it in an odd spot.

My plans for the remainder of the weekend will be to finish the top that I started, work on the puzzle, and enjoy my family.

Happy Stitching!

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