Friday, January 30, 2015

Trapunto…Have You Tried This Technique?

This year my sewing buddy and I are going to attempt learning new techniques.  Instead of doing a project in January we met to decide on some new techniques to learn.  We ended up picking two techniques to start.  The first one is trapunto and the second one is using fusible thread in the serger to help with putting the binding on a quilt.  These will be small projects like pot holders or place mats or maybe even a table runner. 

I found a tutorial at  (link) that uses snowflakes. There are other techniques that use the same design.  I might attempt some of them also.  I think the snowflakes would make a cute winter table runner.

Here’s is a fairly good video tutorial from Landauer Publishing - .  It isn’t exactly like the tutorial on quiltsocial but it provides some great information.  There are also a ton of great videos by this company.

I didn't realize when I suggested the trapunto technique that there was machine quilting involved.  This isn't something I’m very good at but maybe I can figure out how to do an outline with my machine.

So, we left our January meeting with a small list of items to get:

1.  Water soluable thread
2.  Water soluable backing
3.   Fabric for our project – front and back
4.   A high loft batting for the trapunto
5.   Regular batting for whatever project we decide to make
6.   Fusible thread for the serger so we can finish our projects

This might turn into a two month project because we’re doing two separate techniques.  I know the machine quilting will be difficult for me but I’m hoping the rest of it will be super simple.  I'll keep you updated with our progress or even the lack of progress.  First sewing meeting is first Saturday in February.

Happy Stitching!

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