Thursday, January 22, 2015

New Tunic....

I finally finished one of the planned tunics. For this one, I used these fabrics: 

The black one is a Hatchi sweater knit and it is very nice.  The striped sweater knit isn’t so nice.  It is very fuzzy which I don’t particular care for.  Both fabrics came from 

I used Abbey’s Knit Top pattern by Silhouette’s.  Here’s the line drawing:

Here’s the finished top:

Over all, I think this is a nice pattern.  Here are the changes that I made:
  1. didn't add the bottom band.  I wish that I had not made this decision but I’ll make note of it for the next time I use this pattern.
  2. I added four inches to the length to make it equivalent in length to having the band.
I made this using a 6WD.  Surprisingly, I didn't have to add to the hip area.  This particular pattern line is known for being very narrow through the hips in the “W” sizing and measuring indicated that it had enough ease.

I did order too much fabric for this. With using the two colors, I could have used one yard of each color.  I will also make a note of this for the next time I use this pattern.  It is definitely something to consider.

What I didn't like:        
  1. Mostly, I think this dislike is the striped fabric.  It is a little bit on the thin side.
  2. The neck band seems a little large.  This could disappear when it’s washed.  Again, this could be a fabric issue.      
  3. The neckline seems a little wide.  Again, this is something to note for next time.
None of these issues will prevent me from wearing this at least a couple of times.  

This is only the second time I have finished an item with the sweater knits.  So far I have been successful using the lightening stitch on my machine with the stitch lengthened to 4.5mm.  I would love to hear how other are hemming this fabric type.  Also, since I'm fairly new to ordering this fabric type, how do you know when ordering that you're going to get a nice fabric?  As I stated earlier, I really liked the Hatchi version of the sweater knit but no so much the striped sweater knit.  Is the Hatchi style a better knit?

This item fits in very well with the wardrobe color plan that I made last fall.  I'm happy with my color choices.  

My order from arrived with the replacement fabric for the first tunic I was working on.  So, hopefully, I will be able to share that with you soon.  

Happy Sewing!


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