Friday, March 16, 2018

Mom Jeans...

Do you recognize the "Mom" jeans?  I really never thought I would wear them again but I am.  I have searched high and low for jeans made out of cotton denim.  Do you know how rare it is 100% cotton denim jean?  I searched many of the local stores in my area and didn't find any jeans made from cotton denim with the exception of the men's department.  Yes, I tried on men's jeans and they almost fit.

Oh, I found lots of garments that had the look of jeans.  They were made from what I refer to as "fashion" denim.  Fabric content ranges any where from a cotton/rayon/polyester/lycra blend to a cotton/lycra blend.  Yes, folks, I put the stretch denim into the fashion denim category.  For me, it is has more than 1% lycra, I am constantly pulling up my pants and it doesn't matter if the pants are super tight.  Many "fashion" denim that is 100% cotton doesn't seem to be dyed correctly.  What I mean by this is the dye isn't stable and is constantly bleeding dye when you wear them.  I can think of at least 3 companies who sell such denim and the jeans are anywhere from $50/each to $100/each. 

Back to the "Mom" jeans....I ended up on the Lee website which for some reason I can't order from.  I'm fairly positive that it is a browser issue but haven't figured out the issue.  So, I searched the site for 100% cotton riders.  Low and behold, they do still make 100% cotton jeans and I finally found some at JC Penny's website.  The number one complaint with that I saw with the jeans was the size.  Everyone complained about them running small.  I ordered the size that the Lee sizing chart suggested.  Sizing was perfect.

So here's the jeans that I ordered:

Lee 100% Cotton Relaxed Fit Jeans  -  High-waisted relaxed fit jeans with pockets designed to make sure the bottom looks big.  LOL

I'm happy with my new jeans.  They stay put. I'm not constantly pulling them up.  The only thing that would make them better is a darker wash.  Thanks Lee for making a 100% cotton women's jean.

The search for a 100% cotton jean was many on-line orders and a lot of wasted time.  I do indeed intend to learn to make my own jeans.  Maybe in the fall I will make time to do this.  Have you made you own 100% cotton jeans?  How did it turn out?  What pattern did you use?

Happy Stitching!

Monday, March 12, 2018

Inspiration....Striped Shirt

I always like having a few shirts in my closet.  They are very versatile.  Here's one by Lafayette 148 New York:

I really like the hidden placket detail on this shirt.  I haven't owned a shirt with a hidden placket since the '80s.  The other detail which should be a fitting detail is the darts in the front and back.  They remove a little of the excess fabric around the middle.  If you could find a shirt pattern with a hidden placket, you could add one to your favorite shirt.  Here's a Craftsy tutorial on How To Make Hidden Buttonholes.  Here's my preferred method of making a hidden placket at Threads - How to Make a Hidden Button Placket.  I would think that both have advantages.

Shirt details - found on, Lafayette 148 New York Jake Sorrentine Stripe Blouse, price tag: $328.00.

This particular shirt is a Lily Pad color.  What color is that?  In looking at it, I would call it a gray but the color name could imply a green.  What are your thoughts?  Still a lovely shirt.  Fortunately as a sewist, I can make the shirt any color I want.

Happy Sewing!

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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Honey Do List....

My husband rarely asks for anything.  However, he liked the topper for the coffee cart so much that he requested one for the sink area in his brewing area.  How could I resist?  He said any fabric would do.  So I picked a fabric that had been in my stash for many years and made two toppers for his sink area:

Now, he didn't stop with one request.  He also asked if I could make a baker's couche.  Yes, I had to look up to see exactly what that is.  I had some undyed duck canvas which should be ok.  Here's the version that I made:

Now the next time he decided to bake bread, we'll find out if using the duck canvas was a good idea. Interested in knowing how to use a baker's couche?  There are lots of videos on youtube.

This is easy sewing at it's best.  The couche just needed a hem and the topper were almost as easy.  Finished project in no time.

Do you make things for your husband?

Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Knitting...Finished A UFO

This past weekend found me trying to get the sewing area organized better.  I've been here 6 months now and have yet to find a good organization for this room.  I just have too much stuff.  My knitting stuff doesn't really have a home in the sewing room.  I really need to get this figured out.  I suppose I'm trying to keep too much stuff in the room itself instead of taking advantage of the nice storage unit.  So back to knitting, I was going through my knitting supplies and a scarf project that was almost finished.   It is one of those no pattern one skein items.  I know I was working on this when I was taking the Improve Your Knitting: Alternative Methods & Styles class at Craftsy.   So, after two short sessions while watching TV here is my little scarf:

This is a simple 2K2P rib and I really like the texture.  This view is unblocked and I need to decide if I'm going to block it or not.  Maybe I can find time next week if I decide to do it.

One thing that I can say about my knitting stash is that it has grown project by project even though I had not intended to have such a large backlog of knitting.  I love looking at the Crafty knitting clearance because you never know what you're going to find and I have found a lot.  I have at least 6 projects that need to be completed.

Happy Stitching!

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Monday, March 5, 2018

Inspiration...Gingham Skirt

I found this skirt very interesting in the way it drapes:

This skirt is by Theory.  It is referred to as a panel skirt.  I really like the bias panels, and the asymmetrical hemline. Of course the fact that the skirt is blue and white doesn't hurt.  I was unable to locate a pattern that was similar.  However, it might be worth watching as the new patterns show up.  This skirt is at Neiman Marcus.  It is called the Theory Hartman Midi Cotton Placket Skirt.  Price tag $325.00,

What are you thoughts on this wonderfully casual skirt?  Do you know of a pattern that is similar?

Happy Stitching!