Saturday, December 20, 2014

Wardrobe Considerations....Results of First Attempt

I stopped posting about the wardrobe.  Really, it was a good lesson in putting a wearable wardrobe together.  I did purchase a couple more tops/sweaters.  They were in the black/grey family.  Nothing exciting.  I did learn that I do not particular like the knit wrap top that I purchased early on.  Of all the items that I purchased, it has been worn the least.  It could be an issue of the fabric type or a combination of fit plus fabric. The colors are perfect.  Everything else has been wonderful and worn consistently with my existing wardrobe.

I have to admit that I found the wardrobe exercise a little difficult.  I suppose that it felt limiting because of the colors I choose.  I did pick colors that I prefer to wear most of the year.  The only one of those colors I would wear in warm weather is the pink/rose.  The teal would become lighter shade.  The grays and the blacks, I'm not sure I would wear in the spring and summer.  Maybe a very softer shade of gray would work.  We'll see how I move into warm weather next year.  For now, I'm set.

Even though the doctor wants me to lose the weight, it hasn't been happening very fast.  I now have a dietitian helping me.  With the exception of losing the morning snack and adding more calories/protein at breakfast, there hasn't been a lot of diet changes.  I think it is the little changes first routine.

Happy Stitching!

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