Friday, December 12, 2014

New McCalls Patterns for Spring....

I love seeing the new patterns.  I like it even better when I get an email telling that a new collection is available.  The new spring collection is very feminine with many dresses/skirts being very full.  I guess it has a little bit of a 50s vibe.  Although a full skirt is very feminine, I still prefer a slimmer skirt.  Here are my picks:

This is McCall's 7081.  Cute little side-zip dress.  Doesn't it have a lovely full skirt?  I like that is has a sleeveless option and two sleeves to choose from.  In looking at the fabric suggestions, you don't want to use a light weight fabric in this.  I think this would look nice in a solid chambray.

The shirt-dress is still going strong with this fun version M7084.  The stripes really show off the cut of the fabric.  Although the full skirt shown is wonderful, I prefer the slightly straighter skirt.  Specifically, the collar on version A with the sleeves on version B.  Isn't this why we sew?  So, we can change it up to better suit our own style.

I love this top.  It is M7093.  This looks very wearable to me.  View B as shown in the picture is fantastic.  I also think that this style could easily be lengthened into a dress using the View D.  It calls for light to medium weight fabrics.  Oh, I think this one definitely coming home with me at some point.

What are your favorites from the new McCalls patterns?

Happy Sewing!

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