Thursday, December 18, 2014

Quickie Costume.....

....or maybe it wasn't so quick.  My son came home from school and announced that he needed a costume for his Spanish class.  My first thought is that should be simple.  That is until he told me who he was suppose to be and that he had to be dressed in character.  Oh, yeah, he is suppose to be dressed like the baseball player Alex Rodriguez.  Well, I knew I wasn't going to shell out for baseball gear.  Here's my take on the required costume:

The hat isn't quite finished yet.  I need to tack down the felt applique.  The white is some white fabric that I found at Michael's.  I was looking for white felt but couldn't locate it.  

The white t-shirt is from Michael's.  I used a navy felt that I had in the stash.  The name and numbers I used my embroidery software for the design.  Additional items for costume which aren't shown is a black long-sleeved t-shirt, a baseball mitt, and a baseball. Although a bat would complete the costume, I don't think the school would appreciate it.

I did use a new product with this project.  It was Fabric Fuse from Therm-O-Web.  It worked really well.  The label states that it is washable, permanent bond that dries clear and is flexible.  I guess we'll find out when the costume is worn how well it works.  I will say that if you get it on you, don't let it dry.

I thought the costume turned out fairly well for a not so quick project.  I think I spent between $10-$15 on it.  Obviously, that doesn't include my time.  I hope the kid gets 100% on his presentation/costume.

Happy Creating!

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