Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Cleaning or Sewing...

That is the question.  I knew that attempting to clean and organize the sewing area during the holidays might be a disaster and it has been.  My sewing has come to a complete stop unless I’m at someone else’s house.  My mantel cover hasn’t been finished yet.  In fact, I’m still piecing the ornaments.  I had really wanted it to be finished by the first of December.  Maybe I will find time this week.  This isn’t a project to work on when you’re tired. 

I do have other projects that I wanted to complete for the holidays except they are easy projects.  I have the materials to make three new table clothes.  All they need are hems.  I know the pressing of the hems will take some time but the sewing should be quick and easy.  Surely, I can press hems even if I’m tired in the evenings.  The question that remains is whether is use a walking or a hemming foot.  The seams are very long which tell me that the walking foot might be a better choice but the means the hems need to be completely pressed in rather than just the first turn.  Do you have a preferred method of hemming?  Here are pictures of the fabric I will use to make the table clothes:

I will try to remember to take finished project pictures.

I have been knitting up a storm.  Not really completing anything just knitting and practicing techniques.  Well, I guess I shouldn't say I have been knitting anything because I did start the sweater that I purchased all the materials for.  It was a little difficult picking out the size and I did second guess myself on the size that I choose and almost pulled out all the work I have completed but didn't. The sweater has a lot of new techniques and I’m a bit terrified that I will not be able to accomplish it.  I spent a lot of money on the materials for this so I’m hoping that I’m able to finish the project. 

Happy Stitching!

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