Saturday, March 19, 2016

Spring/Summer Wardrobe Planning....

I am late with this but I haven't really gone through much of my spring/summer wardrobe yet.  I have decided on a color scheme which is slightly different that the fall/winter color scheme.  The colors will be navy, rose, light grey, blue.  I would be really nice if I could make this work as well as the fall/winter wardrobe.  Here's the patterns that I'm going to attempt:

1.  Silhouette Patterns #600 - Classic Blouse - The imagine on the pattern nor the line drawings give this pattern much hope.  However, the versions that I've seen made up look very nice.  I have it traced  the 5W size and pin fitted. At 5'5", the pattern as delivered is too short.  I will be adding at least 3" to the length. Here's the pictures:

My muslin will be made up in a gingham to see how well it fits.  In addition to the length issue, I have also determined that the shoulder slope needs to be adjusted on this pattern. If I can get a good fit, I have a cotton floral fabric to make this up in with the colors of blues and pinks.

2. Silhouette Patterns #2913 Nick & Zoe's Best Selling Skirt.  I ordered this skirt when it was released and have never gotten around to it.  I ordered a stretch denim for this.

3.  Silhouette Patterns #2516 Lim's Bias Skirt.  This pattern hopped right into my cart when I saw it. I have not picked a fabric yet and need to locate someone that sells the foldover elastic in colors.  Anyone have a source?  My guess it will be in the rose color family.

4.  I am also planning on knitting 2 tank tops from the class on Feminine Fit at Craftsy.  I am unable to get a picture of this but it has a curved hem and is fitted.  I hope I can get my knitting needles going.  This is what I generally do when I'm watching TV.  One of the yarns is in pinks and the other is in blues.

5.  I'm also planning a denim dress but haven't decided on the pattern yet.  I have plenty of shirt dress patterns or if I can get the Silhouette Classic Blouse to work out, I may lengthen it.

Okay, I think this is enough of a commit to attempt in addition to the 2 quilts that I need to finish by the first of June.  I think I need to spend more quality time with my sewing machine and sew like the wind.

What do you think of my pattern selections?  Have you made any of this patterns?  I will admit that I have had a hit or miss with this pattern line but Peggy has always been helpful.

Happy Sewing!

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