Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Finally Moving Toward Stitching....

The garden and house repairs have been keeping me busy.  However, there is rarely a day goes by that I'm dreaming of sewing something.  Remember this quilt kit:

Yeah, my two months of sneaking sewing has turned into one month.  Sunday, I finally got the fabric washed and I was hoping that all was well because I tossed everything in together and washed it.  Red and black with white and green isn't necessarily a good combination for the first washing of fabric but since they are to be together, I risked it and it was fine.  Monday, I pressed all the fabric.  I'm hoping today to get the fabric cut out and ready for stitching.  Maybe my sneaky stitching will be at work as it is much cooler there.

I did end up placing another order with McCall's for the Vogue patterns that I was wanting.  I purchased this dress:

This is such a 70s look. I couldn't resist it.  This is V9124.  The best part is I had this fabric in the stash:

...and I think it will be perfect for this dress.  I will be going with View C.  I have plenty of this fabric to make the dress.  This is not part of the 6-pac sewing as it isn't part of the color scheme that I will be using.  The fabric is some kind of knit.  It has a gauzy appearance.  I can't remember what project this was purchased for but it will be a fun fall garment.   In looking at the pattern description, it states that it uses a bias neck binding.  I think I will just use the cross-wise grain as it should be the stretchiest and I don't think knits really have a bias option.  One of the listed fabrics is a jersey.  I need to read through the directions and see if there is anything different about using the knit.  I need to purchase buttons and a belt.  I think I have thread already.

So, I guess my plan for this week will be to work on the quilt during the day at work for an hour or so and then work on the dress at home in the evening.  I wonder if I can actually accomplish this task.

Happy Sewing!

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