Monday, August 18, 2014

Where has the time gone?

Whew!  I didn't mean for so much time to disappear in between posts.  Just know that I have been busy with work, the garden, and life.  School will be starting in exactly one week.  I can't believe that my little guy will be a junior this year.  My little guy really isn't little.  He outgrew me a long time ago and is a whooping 6'3".  He still takes the time to give my hugs though in between the teenager stuff.

Butterick did have a pattern sale and I couldn't resist getting the three of the patterns from the last post.  Which ones did I get?  Well, I got the three dress patterns.  I never check to see what kind of fabric is required before I purchase the patterns and really should.  So, I have also been searching for appropriate fabric.  The shirt dress, B6090, calls for a challis or crepe.  I think I would prefer the challis.  If you find a challis in blacks/grays or a teal color please let me know.  The color blocked dress, B6088, much to my surprise requires a woven fabric.  Although, I might try it in a ponte de roma instead.  The last dress is a knit dress, B6080.  I'm really interested in View A except I want the sleeves from View B.  I suspect it's the same armhole between the two views because the two views use the same back pattern piece.  I just need to figure out how much addition fabric is required for the sleeves.   I think I've located fabric for this dress.  Why is it that the needed fabric never in the stash?

I have started working on the first of my fall/winter projects.  It is a vest, Simplicity 1499 view B.  I'll provide more information in this pattern later.  For now, I have the pattern traced and altered.  I'm ready to start the test garment.  I really need to devote more time to my sewing.  I do fine with the planning but the execution is lacking.  How do you manage to accomplish more time in sewing?

September is nearly here.  My sewing buddy and I are resuming our monthly sewing session along with the knitting club is starting again.  The first monthly sewing session will be new holiday mantle cloth.  I just need to get the remaining fabric ordered.  As for the knitting club, I need to figure out an easy project that I can take and work on.  I am working on a sweater via a Craftsy class but I don't want to take that with me to the knitting club.  I think it will require too much concentration.  Since I want to wear the sweater, I don't think that the conversation and knitting will work with it.  I need to find a nice simple project.

Happy Stitching!

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