Saturday, September 20, 2008

Another great sewing day!

I had a wonderful afternoon to sew. I put the sleeves in the Vogue top and amazingly the next size of sleeve still eased onto the blouse beautiful. Next, I got the sleeve lining ready with the seams all stitched and pinned the two together at the hem edge to stitch and realized that I didn't know what size seam to make. Would you believe that I can't find the instructions? I had them a couple of days ago and now they have mysteriously disappeared. I'm going to finish the sleeve with a 1/4" seam but I'm unsure of how to proceed with the hem facings. Any one out there with the directions for V2967, could you let me know how the hem facings are suppose to be finished? I am so close to having this top finished. I want to start something else like that Halloween costume.

Off to see if I can locate those instructions. They have to be somewhere nearby.

Happy Sewing

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