Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Slow going on Vogue top

I was finally able to carve out a couple of hours to work on my Vogue top. This top has so many pieces. So far, I have the sewn the 3 back pieces together and 5 of the front pieces. I have decided to remove and resew a couple of the seams. This is definitely not a pattern for a beginner sewer. I don't expect there to be information in a pattern regarding finishing seams but I do expect there to be information regarding easing either in the instructions or on the pattern pieces. This pattern doesn't have either one. I was very surprised. Since I had traced the pattern, I thought that maybe I had not noticed the information on the pattern but it really wasn't there. I even checked Pattern Review to see what had been said about the pattern and there was very little there. Tonight, I made a mad dash to JoAnn's to get the invisible zipper for the top. The rest of the evening I plan on ripping out the seams that I was unhappy with. I hope that I don't stretch them too much since they are on the bias.

I hope that I'm able to find more time to sew tomorrow. I really wanting to find out if this top is going to fit.

Happy Sewing!

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