Friday, September 19, 2008

It's Friday, and no I'm still not done with that top!

Where did the week go? It went by very, very fast. I have been sewing but not necessarily on my Vogue top. Wednesday, I made another grocery bag. It was from the Burda Style Charlie bag. It is a rather large bag. I did a review at Pattern Review. Here's my version of the Charlie bag: floral bag. It has (2) 100 oz bottles of Tide inside with room for more items.

Thursday, I very carefully removed the sleeves from the Vogue top. The sleeves had gone in so nicely. Such a shame. Today, I traced the size F sleeve, cut out the new sleeves, and eased all the way around the sleeve instead of from notch to notch. Tomorrow, I intend to put the sleeves in.

Happy Sewing!

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