Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Pajama Pants (er, shorts) completed

I finally found time tonight to cut out the Sponge Bob flannel to make a pair of shorts for my son. Yes, they were suppose to be pants but I didn't have enough flannel and my dear son was unwilling to give up his flannel. He didn't care that his cousin could get a pair of pants from the flannel. He wanted it. So, he now has flannel shorts that hit about the knee. First, completed project of the month. Quick and super easy.

Sorry, the photo isn't the best. I can't seem to get a good photo when I reduce the size of the picture with the Kodak software. Any recommendations for photo software would be greatly appreciated. However, you can see that it's a super cute print. Too bad I only found a yard plus a few inches.

I didn't do anything significant with these pants. Just serged all the seams, applied the elastic with the serger, put a little piece of satin ribbon in the back to mark it, and zigzagged the elastic down. The elastic hasn't been steamed yet. It takes time for the steam iron to generate enough steam to do anything and my regular iron spews water at me every time I put water in it. Actually, the water spills out the bottom of the iron when it gets hot. Yes, I know it needs to be replaced. I need to decide what kind of replacement to get. The steam iron is a Rowenta and I've had very good luck with it. But the "everyday" iron never seems to last more than two years. I guess I'm really hard on irons. It doesn't even matter what the brand is. Generally, I go to KMart and get the heaviest iron that they in stock.

Tomorrow, I will be starting on the Vogue top for myself. My day is filled with exercise, painting, and work. So, we'll see if I can at least get the top pinned together to do a quick check on fit.

Happy Sewing!

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