Saturday, September 6, 2008

Vogue Top Cut Out

Yesterday, I didn't find time to do any sewing. Today, I made time in between other things to do and finally got the V2967 time cut out. When I was laying out the pattern on the fabric, I realized that I had forgotten to trace one of the back pieces. I thought when I traced the other day that I had traced all 16 pieces but I was unable to locate it. I know tomorrow I will find the missing piece and the cat will have had something to do with the disappearance. The only thing that I have found so far that I do not like about this pattern is the number of pattern pieces that need to be on the fold.

Tomorrow, I plan on sewing the top together. I ended up cutting the cap sleeve instead of the 3/4 sleeve because I realized that the sleeve pattern would need to be altered for the width of my arm and I didn't feel like doing it. I did manage to pin the pieces together to see if the bust point and waist line were in the right spot. I have my fingers crossed that this will be a good size. Then, I should be able to get some nice fabric and make another top.

Happy Sewing!

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