Monday, February 9, 2015

Trapunto...The First Attempt

I didn't realize when I decided to attempt trapunto that there would be soooo many decisions.  I started with the instructions for the Quilted Snowflake at  The instructions seemed fairly straight forward.  Next, I had to decide on a design.  This was really hard. I finally settle for a Celtic knot design.  Here's the design that I chose:

Due to the size of the design,  I decided to create a pillow cover .  Sorry, I don't remember where I found the design.  It was a freebie. Next, I had to choose fabric but what color? Most of the time trapunto is done is light colors or a solid.  I decided to go with a cream color fabric.

So here is my tracing.  Even though you were suppose to use a water soluble marking pen, I didn't. It was a kid's colored marking pen.  We'll find out if it was a mistake when the finished project is washed.  Actually, I thought that I had a water soluble pen and it turned out to be a air erase pen.  The air erase pen would not write on the heavy duty water soluble stabilizer.

Here's the design stitched with the water soluble thread.  I chose to use it in the bobbin as well has the top thread.  The instructions had you using thread the matched the main fabric in the bobbin but I didn't want any loose thread hanging around when the item was washed.  I used two layers of a cotton batting (it was in the stash).

Here you're starting to see the design pop.  I was really making a mess with the free motion quilting and I quilted the inside very tight.  I had to take a break at this point.  My sewing buddy had finished her project and decided that she would like to do the trapunto again in the future.

Here is the piece with the finished free motion quilting.  I did not quilt the outside portion as tightly as the inside portion.    I'm happy with the look of the project and hope that I like the look of the cream in my family room.  I'll post the finished pillow cover at a later date.  As I still need to cut out the back and get a zipper.

Time-wise, it took about 6 hours to complete.  This included me cutting out the fabric for the top, back, and batting.  Stitching the initial Celtic knot and then trimming the batting from the areas that I didn't want it.  Then, completing the free motion quilting.  There were also breaks for lunch and when my sewing buddy left.

What do you think of my first trapunto attempt?  I even feel like I got the hang of free motion quilting.  This is the second time I have done the free motion quilting and I think I'm starting to like it.  I can see it being a very relaxing why to spent a free afternoon or evening.

Happy Stitching!

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