Thursday, February 19, 2015


Every winter we put together one large puzzle.  This year, we started on January 3 with this lovely puzzle:

The extreme cold over the past week had the whole family planted in the same room as the fireplace and the puzzle.  The puzzle was worked on for many hours and is finally complete.  Here are the results of our hard labor:

It was satisfying to put in the last piece.  It will most likely stay out for a few days so we can admire our handy work.   Since it is still extremely cold, this one may not stay out as long as it normally would.  I have a couple more puzzles that need to be put together.

On the sewing side, I just got notification that the patterns had shipped which means that maybe this weekend I can start working on a muslin for the Butterick dress.  My fabric order isn't expected to ship before 2/23.  I was thinking about trying the Silhouettes Yoga pants pattern this week.  I have both the fabric and the pattern.

Happy Stitching!

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