Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Next Knitting Project - A Cabled Headband...

The next monthly knitting club will be coming up soon as it was time to pick another project.  Although I have a ton of knitted dishcloth patterns which are fun.  How many dishcloths do you  really need?  So, I contacted my niece to see if she had any ideas for a small knitted project that I could do.  Of course, she did and it was a headband/ear warmers. So, I looked for a pattern that looked like it would be interesting and found this one:

Yes, I like to do cable patterns and have been practicing.  This is called Intertwining Diamonds Cabled Headband/Ear Warmer (link).  It is a freebie and I thank the author.  My niece wanted the headband in some shade of green.  So, I choose this:

This is Lion Brand Heartland in the colorway King's Canyon.  It is two different shades of green - emerald and forest green.  I'm hoping it will satisfy her love for all things green.

Unfortunately, I have misplaced the correct size of knitting needles and will need to go purchase additional set.  I don't know how I misplace knitting needles.  Generally, I always put away my knitting needles.

Ok, I'm mostly ready for the next knitting meeting.

Happy Stitching!

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