Thursday, February 26, 2015

Spring McCall's...

I see that McCall's has another Spring collection.  Maybe the first was really called Early Spring or Late Winter.   Regardless, there are more new patterns.  I noticed a new to designation on some of the patterns - "Learn to See for Fun".  I'm not particularly interested in any of the patterns for myself and the pattern stash/cabinet thanks me.  LOL   Here's the first one of interest:

This is 7155. A nice collection of dresses (3 lengths), tunic, and leggings.

This is 7129.  This is nice little wrap skirt with two variations and each variation has two lengths.

This is a Palmer/Pletsch pattern 7132.  It is an interesting unlined jacket.  As you can see, there is piecing going on with this one.  It could be fun depending on the fabric that was chosen.  I am a little tempted by this one.

What are your thoughts on this release of new patterns?

Happy Stitching!

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