Friday, February 27, 2009

New McCall's are up!

I love seeing the new designs each season and I certainly purchase my share of the patterns. I just wish I used more of them. There are two designs that I might to add to my collection:

I really like this shirt dress (M5847). This is a little bit more fitted than the patterns I've noticed in the past. I know I have a couple of shirt dress patterns and I will need to check them before I invest in yet another pattern.

I was surprised that I didn't see any shirt dress styles with ruffles. Although I suppose if that is what you're interested in, it would be a easy detail to add.

This is M5856. This is a very trendy skirt this year. I have seen several designer skirts made similar to this that costs between $200 - $300. I like the length of the skirt, too.

I thought this was a very cute top. The neckline is a bit wider/lower than I like to wear but it certainly is very cute. The embellishment on the white top is very pretty.

There are lots of pretty dresses from all of the pattern companies this year. I love dresses but don't have a lot of places to wear them. However, I suppose that the daily casual could include more skirts / dresses. I think that the shirt dress could easily be a great every day type dress. I suppose we'll see what happens with that. It doesn't take that much more to look nicer on a daily basis.
Happy Sewing!

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