Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Flannel pants finished..on to the next project

Here's the flannel pants:

This is such a quick and easy project. I do recommend the Kwik Sew patterns. However I think of all the Kwik Sew books, the Sewing for Children has been the least used. Once I got started on these pants, it took less than an hour to complete.

The next project will be another set of PJs. I am making all of these with a little extra length for just in case the fabric shrinks a little bit and of course growth. Again, a cute little print that I was surprised my son was willing to wear. He did pick it a couple of years ago. The top for this pair will be the same one that I used for the Scooby Doo pjs that I made at Christmas. I think I'm going to try the pant pattern that was in the same book as the top. The sizes is slightly different and it is a good time to give it a try.

Happy Sewing!

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