Sunday, February 22, 2009

Class was fun,...

The all day sewing class was fun. It was really geared toward getting folks over the fear the machines and was a "Thank you" from the dealer. In the morning, we played with the different decorative stitches and I realized that my machine has a balance problem. So, it will need to be worked on sometime in the near future. Since I'm so far from the actual dealership, they will be sending a technician to the closest JoAnn's that has a small dealership inside. They will send an email to let me know when the technician will be there. In the afternoon, we used our largest hoops and practiced stitching out a design that required alignment. We were also shown how to create similar type designs using our software. The fabric that I chose was a cream silk dupioni with the design stitched in a med. blue. I'm hoping to complete a pillow for the guest room. Although, technically it could end up as another UFO. I wanted to take some pictures but my camera is missing and no one know where it's at.

My "new" sewing room is getting closer to completion. The floors are finished and turned out absolutely beautiful. Electrical is finished. I really want to sew again. I have found lots of items but unfortunately there are more things that are still missing. I discovered the other day that my crotch curve had gotten broken. I don't even know if I can purchase another one. I will be searching for a new one. As soon as I locate the camera, I will get pics of the floors. Although, there is a good chance that the room will be finished before I find it.

Happy Stitching!

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