Monday, February 16, 2009

Another week gone by....

Oh, another week has gone by and as usual I have been busy. The electrical work is now complete. Yippee! I won't be worrying about the iron causing black-outs any more. It now has it's own 20 amp circuit. Sounds extravagant doesn't it? However, the iron is a 1750 watt baby. I do like using this iron but its a steam generator and it takes up a lot of space. I was thinking about getting a different iron -a Reliable V95. If you know anything about this particular iron, please let me know. I go through a lot of irons maybe one every two years. So far, it hasn't matter how much I pay for them. They all last about the same amount of time. I just need an iron that I can use when I'm in a hurry. I also have a new circuit for my machines. Again, no worries about someone turning a vacuum on and causing problems.

The floors will be started tomorrow. Although I see the work in this room as minor, I'm hoping the floor guys do to. There are a couple of places on the floor that will need attention - one is definitely a patch replacement, and the other will most likely just be a spot with filler. Won't know till they are done. Thursday, the floors will get the second coat of polyurethane and we should be able to work on the trim by Sunday. Yippee! Once the trim is up and painted, we will be able to start building cabinets and working on finishing up the closet.

I wanted to share my room layout but my scanner refuses to scan my drawing and the camera is missing. I will keep looking for it. The next project for this room will be organization. I do not want to just bring everything back to the room. I think that would defeat the purpose of bringing everything into the same room. I need to know what I own especially the fabric. Right now, everything is contained in boxes and plastic containers. I found some moth holes in a wool skirt that was stored closed to a other wool fabric so everything will need to examined closely. I'm hoping that I have not lost all of the lovely wool fabric that I have purchased. Any comments of fabric storage would be great to hear.

Happy Sewing!

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