Thursday, February 19, 2009

It's going to be a sewing Saturday!

I have an all day class on Saturday which should be lots of fun. In the morning, we will be making cosmetic bags and in the afternoon embroidering pillow fronts. I'm so looking forward to this class. What a great way to make myself sew! Back up to yesterday, I moved my machine and all the luggage that goes with it down stairs so I that could update machine before the class. The machine update turned into a lesson in frustration but the Designer group came to the rescue and I finally got the machine updated. Today, I will probably sew a little just so I can be a little more familiar with the machine.

Last coat of polyurethane will go on the floors today. I'm really tired of having things piled around in various locations. I also need to start going through all of the fabric. I really have doubts that I'm interested in sewing all of it. I know that there are little boy prints in there that my tween son would not longer be interested in wearing. Other fabrics just may not fit into my WAH lifestyle. I'm not saying that I wear blue jeans and t-shirts everyday but it's still fairly casual. Most of the fabric was purchased with the intent of making work clothes but the more I worked the less time I had to sew. However, that didn't stop me from buying fabric and patterns.

OK, it's off to work for a bit. Then wait on the guys to show up and finish the floor.

****Floor Update**** When the floor guys showed up this morning, they didn't like the way the floors looked, removed the finish, and put a different type of polyurethane on the floors. The floor was really white and much lighter than the hallway. No trim work or painting this weekend maybe the following weekend. :-( *****
Happy Stitching!

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