Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Room is finished!

The new "sewing" area is finished! We are now working on putting the new cabinets together. So far, one book shelve and one storage cabinet have been completed. Here's a look at the finish room:

This is a view from the closet. Doesn't the white trim look lovely? DH worked really hard on it. Notice the ceiling fans have installed also. DH did a wonderful job cleaning these. The blades and globes had remained in the room during the sanding and they were completely covered in dust. I love the results of this room. I hope that it has a calming effect on everyone.

Here's a view of from the corner across from the door. I did not spend a lot of money on the closet redo. I had originally wanted to purchase a closet organizer but quickly realized that many of them would cover up the cedar. We ended up with a 2 1/2' section for long hanging items and 2 sections with that are about 5 1/2'. Each side of the closet already had shelving installed. I will also be installed a small room divider in the midsection of the closet to add a little more storage space. This closet will be used for storing sewing proects, out of season clothing, and office supplies.

Here's the project that we worked on in the sewing class that I took a couple of weeks ago. This was using the largest embroidery hoop on my machine. The hoop had to be turned half way through the embroidery and then we used some of the new functions to line it up. The fabric is silk duponi and I used a medium blue color. This will be a pillow in the guest room / reading room. Hopefully, the black cat will not decide that this pillow was meant for him.
Happy Sewing!

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