Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New Sewing Area....Almost there!

After what seems like months, here's a view of the new sewing area / study area: This is the view from the hallway. There is a storage cabinet with a bookshelf behind it. You can see a glimpse of the chair for the small study area for my son. Hopefully, this will help with focusing instead looking to see who/what is coming down the hallway.
This is the view from the doorway. You can see my small "L" desk is loaded with machines. It may turn out that the serger will need to move to the cutting table. I haven't set up the embroidery unit yet to see if there is enough room for all the machines. I will be adding a small bookshelf under the corner for machine manuals and such.

Here's a view standing in front of the storage unit looking back at the desk. The machine on the left is the sewing / embroidery machine. This is my primary sewing machine and has lots of light (the main reason I purchased it). The machine on the right is my secondary sewing machine. The serger is in the middle. On the right under the table is the rolling cabinet that I primary keep the polyester embroidery thread, bobbin thread, and small machine accessories. On the left under the table is a small cabinet that is stationary, the cabinet also keeps specialty embroidery thread, and specialty sewing threads with storage on top.

Here's my rolling cutting table. I have had this for years. It was originally purchase to store my sewing machine on one side with lots of storage for fabric. Yes, at one point all of my "stash" was in the bottom half of this table. Later, I stored my serger inside also reducing the amount of room for fabric. I also used this as my sewing table. It is still a perfect little table even if it can no longer store my machines.

Here's the view of the sewing area from the closet. I can hardly wait to get started. The mending has already been piling up (4 items and counting). DH found me a new power strip with a 10' foot cord. With that length, I may be able to plug everything in on one strip. I'm a little leary of plugging stuff in yet as the cord cover hasn't arrived yet and I really don't need a tripping hazard.

Now for a little bit of spring (we're all ready, right?):

Aren't the crocus lovely? I also have snow drops blooming and this is the first time since I've lived in this house that I can remember the snow drops blooming without a layer of snow under them. It is also the first time that I've had the snow drops and crocus bloom at the same time.

Happy Sewing!


  1. I love the set-up of the sewing room. Looks great! You have two machines on the left, however, you might want to fix that typo. LOL. I still love the color you paintd the room. Congrats and get busy!

  2. Sandra, there is now a machine on the left and one on the right. Thanks for pointing out the typo. I do hope that this set-up works. I like my desk and it worked well in the past but that was before the new machine came.