Friday, January 30, 2009

Renovations, etc

The renovation of the office/sewing/study room continues. We've been busy - the closet is cleared of the items that were stored there; closet doors have been painted; carpet and padding have been removed, rolled, and taped; and the electrician and floor refinishers have been called. You can also see how the walls turned out. The pics are a little washed out because the sun is shining. Here's some new pics:

Here's the corner in front of door. The vents have been painted and put back on the wall. Not sure why he choose to paint them white but that's Ok. You can see just a little bit of the hardwood floors here. The area to the left of the vent is the only place on the floor where there is a patch. It will have to be repaired.

The trim has been installed around the windows. The windows in my house are all over sized. I like that it lets lots of light in but it is challenging when it comes to curtains. Here you can see where the original closets were when this was two separate bedrooms.

Here you see the narrow end of the room. The closet doors look like they are leaning on that freshly painted wall but there is a towel in between the wall and the doors. The cedar closet is cleared of everything but the remnants of the carpet. Next trash pick up is next week. So, it will most likely remain there until then. Again, you can see a little bit of the floors. There are a few nail holes, staple holes, the one patched area, and a couple of loose boards. Overall the floor is in really good condition. It does look like it has the original "very worn" finish but that will be taken care of soon.

I'm waiting on the floor refinisher to show up to check out the floor and give me estimates. I'm beginning to feel like I've been dumped for the day. He said early afternoon about 1 and it's now 2:30. Granted we had horrible weather earlier today but he could at least call and let me know what is going on. I really wanted this guy to do my floors too. He did the rest of the house and he does excellent work. We'll see what happens.

I'm still just dreaming of sewing. I did manage to make it out to JoAnn's yesterday and get the Vogue jacket pattern that I was wanting. I couldn't hardly wait to read the pattern and see how the jacket sent together. I was disappointed to see that the pockets are fake. All jackets need pockets, don't they? I also picked up a McCall's skirt. Don't remember the number, but it had 4 different versions on it.

Happy Sewing


  1. Love the color of your room; especially with the white trim. I like the vents painted white with the white trim and ceilings. Looks very snazzy. I'll bet it looks gorgeous when the floors are redone. From the pics they look pretty good already. Hope the refinisher got there and can work on the floors soon.

  2. The pics are deceiving on the floor. The finish is worn off in many places. However when they are refinished, they will be beautiful. The floor guy never did come.... Maybe next week, I'll look for another company. I just know that he did good work because he had been here before.