Sunday, January 4, 2009

We're Home! etc, etc, etc

We finally made it home last night after 2 long days of driving. The kitties were happy to see us even though both were a little bit skiddish. Both kitties have been happy and purring today. The stack of mail was huge but there were a few goodies in among the bills, magazines, and newspapers. The new Threads was there. I have flipped through it and the article on Perfect Proportions looks like it will be interesting. There was a new book - Seams to Me. Again, I have flipped through it. There are several interesting projects in the book. This book appears to be written for a beginner with lots of information on the basics. The last item that I found was a Hot Patterns pattern - Prudence Blouse. I purchased this from an individual. I'm looking forward to using this pattern. This is the first Hot Patterns pattern that I have and I'm hoping that I like the pattern.

Well, has everyone made their New Year resolutions? I have made a few regarding sewing:

1. REDUCE the stash... Since I have been working on moving the sewing room and guest room around I've realized just how much fabric that I own and it's a little bit too much. Some of the children's prints will be listed at Pattern Review.

2. Sew more... The last 3 years has found me spending very little time sewing but I plan on changing that drastically this year. With the purchase of my new sewing machine, I have lots of things to learn.

Really, I guess that is it for sewing. My other resolutions are exercise more, and lose a little more weight. Both of these were on last year's resolutions and I feel good about the fact that I did both. However, I know that I need to bump it up more if I want to continue down the weight loss path.

DH is working in the new sewing area. The sander has been going. Before we let on our trip, he began working on the wall that had the most problems by putting on a skim coat. I will start washing down the remaining walls and working on removing the dreadful border.

Well, that's it for now.

Happy Sewing!

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