Friday, January 16, 2009

It's been a busy week.....

It's been such a busy week that I didn't realize that I haven't posted since Monday. Wow! Where did my week go?

I'll start with renovation news. DH has been working very hard. The walls are almost finished. I think what is remaining is hole repair. He's been fixing and sanding all week. The baseboards have almost all been removed and the tack strip. Upon removing one section of the tack strip, a patch in my lovely oak floors was discovered. EEK! That adds time and $$ to having the floor finished. Of course, we won't know what the entire floor looks like until I cut up the carpeting and pull out the padding. There are also many other decisions that need to be made.

On the sewing front, I am getting ready to start sewing up some more flannel pjs. Other pair for my son and a pair for myself. I've been putting off the pjs for me until I lost a little more weight. I finally decided to make the pjs and I can buy more fabric if I really do loss the weight. It's just fabric. So the goal tonight is to get the little boy pjs cut out. I think I can, I think I can.....

The weather has been tremendously cold. When we got up this morning, it was -6F. A little bit chilly. That is what made me decision to make the pjs. It's cold. Tomorrow we'll have a heat wave at 20F. Really, I don't mind the cold that much as long as my fireplace is running or the electric throw is on. I do enjoy watching it snow.

I saw yesterday that the new spring patterns have arrived. There was very little that interested me this season. Following is Simplicity jacket 2307. It's a cute jacket.

Here's Simplicity 2697. I really like this blouse pictured.

This McCall 5815 jacket is also cute:

Here's is Vogue 1100. The jacket and the blouse are both really nice.

Looks like the jackets have it for spring. I don't know if I will get any of these patterns but these are my picks. I'm sure that I've overlooked some really cute pattern.
Well, off to see what else I can get into tonight.
Happy Sewing!

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