Monday, January 19, 2009

Renovation update!

The room is still progressing. I thought that I would be painting but DH has taken over. The walls have been primed and look wonderful. As a family, we decided on the "green" color. Today, my son and I picked up the wall paint, the ceiling paint, and the trim paint. Ouch! When did the paint get so expensive? I should have taken pictures this afternoon so that you could see how wonderful the walls look after being primed. Too late! DH has started painting. Let me tell you, they are green. So, I ran and grabbed the camera so I could get some shots. I know that it will darken some as it dries. I'll post pictures tomorrow. Oh, I will be having an electrician in to put in a new circuit or whatever is recommended. I have to find an electrician. I hope that we don't regret the starting of the painting before electrician does he stuff. The reason for the electrician is that the circuit that the outlets is on seem to have a lot of other parts of the house on it (most of the upstairs lights, some of the other outlets on the second floor, some of the outlets on the main floor, and most of the outlets in the basement). I don't want someone to plug in a vacuum cleaner when I have my machines on. I would be an unhappy Momma if the circuit blew while sewing/embroidering or my machine started doing something weird during an embroidery.

My to do list is:
1. call an electrician
2. call someone to finish the floors
3. clear the closet
4. finish painting (ok, so this is DH most likely)
5. remove carpet & padding (DH might let me do this)
6. remove staples from the floors (I bet DH lets me do this)
7. paint trim boards
8. paint closet doors (twice)

Once floors are finished:
8. install trim (seriously, DH's job)
9. 2nd coat on trim
10. put up fans & lights (DH's job)
11. paint door (more decision here)
12. put in new closet organizer (not purchased yet)
13. new curtains for the windows

If you can't tell, I'm getting really excited about this room getting finished. My little 5 x 5 space is OK but a little small.

Happy Sewing!


  1. How exciting to be getting paint in there! I would recommend that you paint the inside of the closet white so that you don't have to move the organizer if you decide to change the color of the room. Can you tell I hate to paint closets?

  2. Sandra, thanks for sharing my excitement over the renovation of this room. As for the closet, there is actually very little to paint. Most of the walls are cedar. So, whatever is painted will be the Creamy color that I use on the ceiling and trim.