Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Things are progressing.....

The sewing room is progressing. DH has been working diligently and I've been assisting with some of the clean-up. He seems to have more energy than I do right now. He finished the hard part of removing the border using the steamer. However, he also decided that he didn't like the trim around the windows and now I do not have any trim. Oh, well, it will look good when it's done. Today, I picked up the little bits of the border, removed the remaining filing cabinets, and moved a few other things from the room. The closet still needs to be emptied. I'm running out of room to put all of my excess sewing stuff. I've been putting it in the basement but I have a kitty that I'm afraid will decide that it makes a great bed.

On the sewing front, I've been too busy to even think about any sewing. I do have a couple of projects planned - flannel pjs for myself and my son. Both should be a quick, easy projects and very satisfying. Not only that it will make nice little dent in that fabric stash. The 8-9 yards of flannel take up a lot of space.

That's it for now. I still have a lot of work (as in my business) to do tonight.

Happy Sewing!

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