Thursday, May 29, 2014

This N' That...

Not much going on here.  We spent 4 days in Chicago for our 30th wedding anniversary.  We sent our son to spend the weekend with my brother.  Our weekend was full. One day we went on a food tour and then met a niece for dinner.  Another day we just went from place to place visiting museums and gardens  Between Saturday and Sunday, we managed to walk a total of 20 miles.  Sadly, Monday came too quickly. It was back to the airport and hope that our son's flight made it in time for the next flight home.  We were just a little worried.  All went well with the return trip.

I received two knitting books for my birthday and I've been reading the one of top down knitting.  I really need to purchase some basic yarn and practice some of the things that it talks about doing.  I also finished the last of the knitted dishcloths. They need the ends woven in and they will be ready to use.  This has me looking for my next knitting project.  I thought that I would do this project:

Thinking that it would be very simple.  However, I knitted the first row and then the instructions didn't make sense to me.  Now if it had said pull the yarn tightly, it would have made sense to me but as it was written it felt like I was going to have a lot of loose yarn to deal with.  This project is a freebie from NobleKnits Knitting Blog. If you have made this, please contact me.  I really want to understand what this is telling me to do.   So, that means that my next knitting project is going to be the top-down sweater from Craftsy:

This is the top down knitting that I have been wanting to learn.  I do finally have all the bits and pieces assembled. I just haven't have the courage to start.  I don't want to mess it up because the yarn was so expensive.  I suppose I should have more confidence in my knitting.  Maybe I should just start with the gauge piece.

Also, I will be getting back to the Diane Kimono dress.  It has been cut out for over a week and I keep forgetting to pick up interfacing.  I remembered the interfacing today.  With any luck, I will get the actually sewing started tonight.  There are still a few decisions that need to be made but I can make them as I'm working on the dress.

Happy Stitching!

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