Monday, May 5, 2014

The New Supplies has arrived

All the items I ordered last week have arrived.  Let's start with the yarn:

The picture doesn't do this yarn justice.  It is really a rose color and just perfect.  I also ordered two pair of circular needles.  I should have ordered the double-needles also but thought that I could get nice needles locally for less money.  I was wrong.  The pattern requires 6" needles in two sizes of the double points.  I found 7" needles.  What I don't know is if it matters that the DP needles are longer.  Any one know?

Next is the Curved Black & White Jersey with the white lining fabric:

I love this fabric and hope that I get the wrap dress made that this fabric was intended for.  I will be cutting the two fabrics out together and treating them as one.  The stretch will be based off of the white knit lining.

The final item is the Black/White Abstract double knit:

I do like this print but I'm disappointed at the weight.  The description called it medium weight but I wouldn't call it that.  I will still make a jacket from this fabric but it will definitely be a light weight jacket.  I do need to locate some trim.  If anyone know where I can get a black knit fold over trim, please let me know.  I suppose a fold over elastic would work, too.

In looking at my fabrics, I wish now that they were coordinating.  I guess that means I need to check the stash for a black fabric that is suitable for jacket, skirt, and/or pants.  I hope I find something there.

Happy Stitching!

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