Friday, May 2, 2014

Cooking.... Chicken Stew

My son finally got the remainder of his braces on yesterday.  That calls for lots of soft food for about a week.  One of our household favorites is a Chicken Stew recipe that I modified every so slightly to cook in the crockpot:

Here's the link to Giada's Chicken Stew recipe.  The changes that I made were to eliminate the oil, toss it all in the crock pot, and cook all day.  Sometimes, I will add extra carrots.  I also use 16 oz of tomatoes and broth.  Then, I come home in the evening, shred the chicken, and mix it back into the stew.  Don't forget to add a salad to get some extra veggies in.

This quick and easy recipe leaves lots of time for sewing, knitting, crocheting, crafting in general, or weather permitting, gardening.  Don't forget to use a crockpot cooking bag to save the clean up time.

Happy Cooking or Stitching!

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