Saturday, June 27, 2015

McCall's Early Autumn Pattern Collection....

As you probably know, I love seeing the new patterns when they come out.  I'm not always so happy when I can't find anything new though.  My pocketbook is happy. Here are the patterns I thought was interesting with new McCalls:

This is M7177.  Isn't this a sweet little dress for a baby?  I don't have any little people to sew for but if i did this pattern would have hopped right into my cart.

This is M7185.  Lovely little dress. I loved the look of this dress until I looked at it closely.  My first thought was this is a great dress for the office.  However, when I really looked at this dress it doesn't have a place in office attire unless you're wanting to be treated less than professional.  The neckline is a shade too low and you could do something with that but that front slit isn't good.  Save this one for a night out with your spouse.

This is M7203.  This is a very nice jumpsuit pattern with lots of options.  It is definitely a throw back to the 70s.  Most important measurement to take with this is the torso and remember to sit down when you take that measurement.  

There was a few vintage patterns also.  I do like the look of 50's full dresses but I would never wear them.  I would love to hear your thoughts on this pattern collection.

Happy Stitching!

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