Friday, June 19, 2015

Books! Books! Books! and More Books!....

Oh, yeah, I've been shopping again.  I hope I enjoy each and every one of these titles:

I have been wanting to get The Couture Skirt book ever since it came out.  I already have the corresponding jacket book.  Maybe this will be one of my winter projects -- a skirt and a jacket.  We'll see.  I always seem to plan big.

The Quilter's Reference Tool.  This book is packed with information which I'm hoping will be useful for me.  Information contained within bed/quilt sizes, handy little charts for the number of blocks needed for different size quilts, yardage requirements, conversion charts, cutting information, supplies, piecing information, and 20 quilt blocks.  Can you ever really have too many reference books?

Think Big.  I can't remember what drew me to this book.  It has several nice projects.  

Quick Column Quilts.  I'm sure I got this one because Nancy Zieman is the author.  I enjoy reading/doing her shortcuts and this book is packed with them.  The designs seam like they lean more to the model side of quilting.

Kitchen Stitches. I haven't had a chance to really look at this book yet.  There were a couple of projects that I really wanted to do.  I hope I get this finished.

Quiltmaking Essentials 2 is all about settings and borders, along with backings and bindings. I'm hoping that this book has a many interesting tips as the first one book did.

Well, it looks like I have plenty to read and do with these books.  Hopefully, they will keep be busy over the summer and through the fall.  I also pre-ordered another book that should arrive sometime in August.  If your interested in any of these books, I may be able to order them for you.  

Happy Stitching!

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