Thursday, June 18, 2015

Fear of the Unknown....

I can't remember if I mentioned it or not but the Behemoth (my fancy sewing machine) broke down in March when I was sewing the knit dress.  I haven't gotten the courage yet to take it to a dealer to see if it can be repaired.  Now, I'm sure you're wondering why I say "if".  I have had Husqvarna Viking machines for the past fifteen years.  I have 3 machines.  When I had a dealer nearby, these machines were taken in on a regular basis to be serviced.  Unfortunately, there isn't a nearby dealer anymore and haven't been since about a week after I purchased Behemoth.  The nearest dealer is about 35 miles away and I have no idea if they are willing to work on my machine since I didn't purchase it from them.  I suppose I should give them a call and see what they have to say.  It would be nice if I could drive and have the machined serviced right then but I doubt that will be an option.

So, what is the problem with Behemoth that makes me wonder if it can be fixed.  It's black grease.  Oh, yeah.  I was having an issue with it sewing and decided to clean it good and see if the issue was just needing to be cleaned a bit.  Instead during the cleaning process a found black grease.  I turned the machine off and haven't touch it since.  I've never seen grease on any of the other machines and I strongly suspect that I shouldn't be seeing any grease on this one.

So, what is my fear?  That this machine has something broken that will prevent repair and it's not part of the warranty.  My machine has very low hours on it. I think there is less than 40 hours of use on it.  This makes me very sad to think that you can spend so much money on a machine and get so little use out of it.  My only hope that this is part of a long-term warranty.  

One of my friends has been harassing about getting the machine fixed.  So,, I am going to try to call the dealer tomorrow and see about taking it in.  I'm hoping that I can talk my son into going with me so I won't be such a lonely trip there and back.  So, the question that I have been struggling with is if it can't be fixed, do I replace it?  One of the features that I wanted on this machine outside of the large embroidery field was the lighting and this is something I do not have on any of my other machines.  My old age eyes tell me that I really need this feature.  Granted there are a lot of other features that I wanted and got with this machine.

I'm sure I'm not the first person to have an issue like this but I sure wish it wasn't me having it.

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